Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Don't You Forget About Me

So, the LAMMYs are upon us once again. Which can mean only one thing - it's time for me to begin whoring myself for votes. As you might remember when last year strolled around I found myself nominated a whopping five times. I say whopping because when it came down to it I received a rather strong whipping as well. Not so strong as others (still love you Castor), but still - it was enough to earn me one of the two "Denzel Washington Lonely Tear" awards (Fletch/Rachel - feel free to use that if you need a consolation prize this year). Which in and of itself is pretty awesome.

However, it's not quite as awesome as a LAMMY would be. Oh, I could see it now. Sitting gloriously upon my award shelf next to a bunch of dust and my 2nd Place Karate Tournament trophy from that time when I bested nobody and earned 2nd by default (there were only two people in the competition and they had the trophy anyways). Oh, it would be the shining accomplishment of my life. But, alas, me winning one requires your assistance. My fellow LAMBs, you can prevent forest fires and the breaking of a Uni's heart. And if that makes sense to you, all the more reason.

So, when it comes time for you cast your ballot. When you're weighing the best and the brightest against those you like and kind of enjoy. Simply LiE your ass off and nominate and vote Life in Equinox.

Oh, and in case you need a little insight to what I would consider my core categories:

Most Prolific - This will make post #893 in two years
Best Running Feature - Monday Corner or the Obligatory Two-Pack
Brainiac Award - A critical mind is a terrible thing to waste, but I do my best.
Best Movie Reviewer - Because natural talent like mine only comes along once a week!
Best Podcast - The Film Enigma (expect more on this soon)
Funniest Writer - You know you love it when I pull a funny!

and of course - BEST BLOG (because I honestly don't stand a chance in hell of winning it)


You can also vote by clicking on my FYC in the right hand bar! Voting is only open to current members of the Large Association of Movie Bloggers.

2 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Done and done!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Good luck dude.

I remember signing up on LAMB and I don't think I ever visited again. I don't really know what it is, aside from the obvious of the title.

Good luck, hope you win something!

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