Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Most Intriguing Film of Summer, 2012?

While everybody and their cousin has been talking up and down about The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, I have to say The Amazing Spider-Man might be one of the most intriguing talking point films nobody is really talking about. Well, except to say "too soon!" A sentiment I echo; if not wholly endorse.

Though no matter how much I sit here and grumble about the film's untimely appearance, it's got a lot of talking points circling in its favor. Especially when you factor in the cast and crew. A heavy dose of "almost famous" sorts blended in with strong up and comers, former stars, and seasoned veterans. I make no qualms in admitting that to me, Marc Webb is the real reason I'll be forking over the admission price. There's so much expectation levitating around the guy that I don't think anyone can ever live up to it, and yet I think there's a strong career to be etched out for him.

While the earlier trailers played down - for whatever reason - what separates Webb's Spider-Man from Raimi's, this latest trailer finally digs in to the tone Webb is going to set. And I must say, as trailers go, it's an improvement tenfold.

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Ryan McNeil said...

Like you said - great minds. I've been enjoying everything Emma Stone has done lately, ditto Andrew Garfield (NEVER LET ME GO is underrated) I'm hopeful!

The funny thing about Sony deciding to bring it all back to the beginning? Complaining about it is kinda moot because comic books do that all. the. time.

(PS - Like you said, great minds)

Castor said...

Yea obviously not convinced that the Spider Man franchise needed a reboot but at least this looks promising. I'm actually looking forward to this a lot more than The Avengers.

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Ryan McNeil said...

In other news - dude, what is UP with the massive amount of spam comments you're getting these days? Did you turn off a filter or something?

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