Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

If you've been sitting around lately smoking your morning tobacco, adjusting your monocle, and thinking  "blast it all, why hasn't Univarn posted anything recently?" (as one does these days) then I'm here to report on what I will now call UniGate 2012. You see my old laptop is currently on its way out (anyone got a 12 days of Christmas style tune for blue screens of death?), so there was a delay while I bought a new laptop. Yet I've still got a whole host of software that hasn't made the migration from this machine to that new one.

Things like photoshop (which I use for the movie picture code) and audacity (on which I intend to record my new podcast series) are missing, which are really mucking up my attempts to get back into the flow of blogging. Of course it didn't help that one of the first installations done on my shiny new laptop was Skyrim. Which reminds me, what day of the week is it and is Nixon still president?

Jokes aside, I'm still trying to get back into the ebb and flow of daily blogging. Ideas and rants are coming up dry and at least 5 posts I've written in the last few weeks have ended up on the cutting room floor (honestly, how many times can a man say "stop celebrity worshiping" before people say "oh shut up already").

So in lieu of these things here's an interesting fact I've learned recently for your reading fulfillment:

James Dean had fake front teeth (the explanation stories seem to vary from source to source). As a prank, he would sometimes remove them and drop them into a glass while drinking.

There, now your knowledge of the universe is complete. Carry on.

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John said...

When I was sans-Photoshop for a few weeks, I used Gimp. It's free. It drove me nuts because it has a lot of the same functionality as Photoshop but the names for the tools are all slightly different, and I use Photoshop all day every day because of my job.

But if you don't need it for anything intense, Gimp could be a really easy band-aid.

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