Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Steal a Line From Bloggers Far Greater Than Myself....

Today I feel like this:

It's been decided - partially by me, partially by those around me - that it's high time I do something physical. Somehow sitting around moaning about politics, eating baked potato chips, and lying to myself about how I'm on a diet while drooling over the memory of a cupcake I had the day before isn't going to cut it. It's political correctness gone mad I tell you! If a man can't sit around be fat, complain about being fat, and then be annoyed when other people point out his fatness, what has gone wrong with society?

Nothing. The truth is, I'm out of shape. No amount of sugar coating, calling myself big boned, or waiting on a half dead metabolism to kick in is going to change that. That's not to say I ever was in shape. The peak of my physical fitness was reached around 5 years old when my shape would have been roughly described as twig-like. But a bike accident which scarred up my right foot and put me in a wheel chair for eight weeks on the verge of my 6th birthday somehow put the whole "being active" thing out of my vocabulary. So much so that I didn't try and ride a bike again until I was near on 12 years old - and even then I had to be bribed with the promise of Pokemon cards (what can I say, I'm cheap and easy). And the first diet I ever attempted was when I was 18 but I've more or less gained half of the 30 pounds I lost back.

This decision is built on years of telling myself I'm going to do something only to never really do anything. So what am I going to do? Walk. Not jog, mind you. People keep telling me about a runner's high but I tried jogging/running for months and the closest I ever got was the one time I sneezed and hiccuped simultaneously. But I do like walking. Mostly because it affords me an opportunity to wander around without much worry to what is going on around me - except for those crazy drivers - but also because it's just relaxing.

Relaxing in the way one might describe sitting down at a restaurant you know full and well with a waiter who knows exactly what you want and how you like it prepared. That's a feeling that just can't be beat. And if you've never felt it, stop what you're doing now (preferably after you leave a comment about how I changed your life) and go find something that offers such bliss.

My goal? Well luckily NC does have some walking 5ks and half-marathons which pop up every now and again and I figured that's as good a place to start as any. Maybe I should purchase Run Fatboy Run and watch it on endless loop for inspiration? On second thought maybe not.....

2 better thoughts:

John Gilpatrick said...

Excellent decision! I work for Men's Health and would be happy to give some advice if you need any...Good luck!

Castor said...

Good for you Ryan :) It's all about dedication. Just reduced food intake or just exercise doesn't work, one has to do both over a long period of time to see results.

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