Monday, December 5, 2011

The Monday Corner 12/05/2011

Random Thought: Why is Best Buy trying to start a war with Santa? Have you seen the commercials? It's as if they're recruiting an army to battle the gifts Santa brings... Too harsh. Besides, Santa has an entire army of elves at his disposal. If all we've got is Best Buy, we're screwed!

Movies Watched This Past Week:

To Catch a Thief: I actually meant to watch this before but never got around to it and I must say it was great! Love Cary Grant and find myself continually annoyed that Grace Kelly didn't do more movies. Rather standard affair for Hitchcock, luckily the dialogue and interplay carry nicely where the plotting trails off.

TV Series Wrapped Up This Past Week:

Chrome Shelled Regios (anime): A friend of mine recommended this anime and I must say it's incredibly 'alright'. The only thing that's really spectacular here is the world in which the anime operates, but unfortunately that plays backbone to some very generic main characters. Oh, and why doesn't every anime hire someone who clearly can't handle the English language to do English speaking roles? I'd watch this again just to see that. Hilarious! If they make a season 2 I'll check it out, but I'm in no hurry.

For Your Consideration:
Link it like a rock star!

I actually meant to link to this one last week, so my apologies but The Great White Dope has announced his brand new Public Domain Theater series, inviting us all to see those lovely gems of films that are available for free on the internet! How can you say no to anything that involves the title "Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla"?

John of The Droid You're Looking For is stepping up to the plate early and taking on a new New Year's Resolution after a recent outing to see Christmas Vacation infected him with the thought - "how much of a movie experience gets lost in translation when you're watching a movie at home instead of a theater."

Tough guys and Hollywood go together like spitting tobacco and archetypical baseball players. Yet we all know it's the classic tough guys that really put the tough in tough guys. So be sure to check out Kevyn Knox's countdown of the Top 10 Classic Hollywood Tough Guys over at Anomalous Material. Steve McQueen for the win!

Kudos to Rory of Top 10 Films who spent the last few weeks watching every - yes, I said every - A Christmas Carol re-imagining brought to the silver screen. To make life easier on us, though, he's counted down the top 10 versions dating from the dawn of cinema in 1901, all the way up to the present!

Last but not least, I've got a bit of fanfiction for you as Nick of Cinema Romantico takes on the task of envisioning a future for the secondary romantic interests in one of my favorite guilty pleasure romances of the last 10 years, Serendipity!

Soundtrack of the Week:
Maybe one day I'll do a best movie scores of all time list, but until then you'll have to settle for me just oozing over some of my own personal favorites. Here's one from Once Upon a Time in America!

Enjoy your Monday, Everybody!

4 better thoughts:

TheGreatWhiteDope said...

Hey, thanks for the linkage, good sir! Much appreciated!


Nick Prigge said...

"Why is Best Buy trying to start a war with Santa?" Ha! That's fantastic! I had that same thought when I saw the commercial. Thank you for articulating it.

And thank you for the link. So glad to know there is another "Serendipity" fan out there.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Voted for you in the Movie 411 awards!

Paolo said...

To Catch a Thief is the best Grace, or Grace when she's actually trying to act. But I understand your annoyance about her quitting.

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