Friday, October 7, 2011

The Movie Picture Code #11

So last week I got my questions thrown down my throat in all of 0.5 seconds. This week life stepped up to the plate and decided to whack off about half my preparation time again, so unfortunately I'm down 1 of the basics and the 1 extra outside the box I promised. No fear though, I shall make it up as soon as things get back to normal!


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Colin - 5
Jake, Kano - 4
Jason - 3
John, Jess, Mad Hatter, Sam, Yojimbo_5 - 2
Nikhat, Red, Will - 1

Outside the Box:
Colin, Jake, Kano - 2
James, Jason, Liam Underwood, Never Too Early MP - 1

9 better thoughts:

Film Intel said...

#1 The Last King Of Scotland

Film Intel said...

#2 Glengarry Glenn Ross

Tom Clift said...

2 - Glengarry Glen Ross

Film Intel said...

Outside the box: Four Weddings and a Funeral?

Univarn said...

@Sam Man, here you are going for the clean sweep! You and your "oh, it's all tooooo hard, schtick" just a ploy, isn't it?

@Tom Yikes! So close on #2! But the laws of the Blogger submission time decreed Sam beat you by a minute (that and I'm a bit lax on spelling because I can't spell myself). Sorry about that, hope you get it next time!

Film Intel said...

These last couple are absolutely the first time its twigged but yeah, I'm now gunning for that top leaderboard spot! Thought this feature was great to begin with and now I 'get' it, it's even better.

Will said...

Aw, and I had to log in just now. Looking forward to the next.

Alex said...

damn damn damn it FOR ONCE I actually knew these! Sigh. I gotta get these sent to my phone or something.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Crap! Not a chance.

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