Monday, October 10, 2011

The Monday Corner 10/10/2011

Movies Watched This Past Week:

Fast Five: Yeah I buckled down and ended up watching it anyways. They did a smart thing when they looked around and saw the likes of the Ocean's 11 series and The Italian Job and thought "hey, our series could fit into that mold." It was only aided by them actually coming up with some creative driving sequences to boost the thrills. Well played Justin Lin.

Winchester '73: Technically I saw this a long time ago. Too long in fact. Still ranks as one of my favorite westerns. Stewart is dynamo and I love what Mann does with the gun. Really spins it into that All Quiet on the Western Front boot syndrome.

For Your Consideration:

Subjective versus Absolutism, rummaging through a topic right out of the Uni playbook Darren of The m0vie Blog tackles one of the most complicated, and indeed fascinating, dualities in cinema criticism.

I make no qualms about the fact that I love Hitchcock and am at the same time torn by my limited list of viewings. Still, Rich of Wide Screen World takes on of my favorites of the Hitchcock collection in Shadow of a Doubt.

In perhaps one of the most insightful and analytical reviews of a film that seldom receives much of either, Simon's Classic Columb segment over at Man, I Love Films dives deep into the world of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

Not everyone has climbed aboard the Red State bandwagon, and as someone who has recently fallen out of love with Kevin Smith I'm finding it an interesting battle of the fandom to watch. Be sure you check out Ryan "I Used To Tango Twice on Wednesdays With a Mad Hatter" McNeil's look at the much praised and bashed film over at The Matinee.

One of the most beautiful films ever made, The Elephant Man finds its way into the heart of Anna of Defiant Success. Still remember the power of that still shot on Anthony Hopkins welling up when he first laid his eyes upon Merrick - wholeheartedly agree it's the best shot of the film Anna!

Poll Update:
Hey you guys, hey you guys, hey you guys. That is all.

Poll Results: Favorite Kind of movie ending?
1. 8 votes: Bittersweet farewell (its like crying but not really being unmanly)
2. 6 votes: Twist You Never Saw Coming (OMG!)
3. 4 votes: Other (oh come on I through this out there just for completeness sake, you weren't actually supposed to vote for it)

New Poll: How much do you buy into the Oscar film hype?

Have a great Monday everybody!

4 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

Nice to know someone else agrees with me on that shot. (Thanks for the linkage, by the way.)

simoncolumb said...

Muchos thanks for the linkage! I've only seen FAST AND THE FURIOUS ... but I really am interested in 'catching up' with the films. How many crap franchises are you allowed to invest in because I am a huge fan of the SAW series so ... should I join the FAST AND FURIOUS band wagon?

Duke said...

Fast Five ~ what a subtle piece of filmmaking, eh?

I love the amount of time you talk about film, compared to the amount of time you allocate to watching film.

Granted, nearly all of us do that.

Univarn said...

@MovieNut14 No problem!

@Simon If you're worried about it, I would say probably not. They're derivative to the tenth degree of derivation. So unlike Saw, most of what they offer you can easily gain from watching less bland series. However, if you do feel so inclined you could just watch the first and the fifth and be done with it.

@Duke Byproduct of having too many things I want to do and not enough time to do them all. I usually go through cycles with these things so more likely than not I'll be spinning back around into movie reviewing and watching sooner or later.

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