Monday, September 19, 2011

The Monday Corner 9/19/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Tron Legacy - Curiosity got the better of me. Unfortunately, like its cinematic father before it, the movie is equally mediocre in execution. Not to mention Jeff "who just farted in here, man" Bridges' digitized youth face was used way too much in lighting way too unkind to it.

For your Consideration:

Is Paul Rudd the new Jack Lemmon? In my opinion, no. Not even close. However, that doesn't stop Andrew of gManReviews from thinking so and doing quite a good job of selling his point.

Perhaps as equally renown as the Star Wars mythology is the Star Wars "that doesn't make sense" phenomenon. The folks over at Go See Talk decided to take that concept and put it into action with their Top 5 Things I Never Understood About 'Star Wars.' What I never understood is why R2D2 never took his beat boxing skills on the road. I'd pay to see it.

Are there really movies that would be better with bacon? Obviously, bacon is delicious and let's be honest some movies could use the sizzle. Well John over at The Droid You're Looking For has decided to take this to the next level and envision which movies would most benefit from making the bacon transition. Don't worry vegans, I'm sure he'll have a Tofu version coming out soon....

It's the age old question - to go to the theater with others or to stick it alone? Dylan of Man I Love Films thinks the benefits of going it alone have some heavy value and has thus organized a list to make his case for it. Personally, I go alone and just sit uncomfortably close to people to make it look like I'm there with others. See, that's called compromise.

Few things make me happier than reading Sam from Film Intel break down the utter stupidity of certain aspects of the Hollywood industry. This past week he took a gander at the movie poster for "I Don't Know How She Does It" and didn't care for what he sees. So, in fine form he broke down the seven things wrong with it for your reading pleasure.

Poll Update:
As you may have noticed there was no new poll last week. Sorry to say, the same for this week. Maybe I'll do a post as to why, but for the time being polls are on hiatus.

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
For your listening pleasure, I give you the cool soundings of Quincy Jones for the 1969 classic The Italian Job!

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 better thoughts:

Film Intel said...

High praise Mr Varn, high praise indeed. I thank you for it and shall now set out to find more stupidity.

Andrew said...

Nice to see you still read my blog... a reminder that I do the same. Thanks for the link, even if you disagree.

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