Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Seem a Decent Fellow: Tyrannosaur Trailer!

When it comes to Paddy Considine related material there are times when I feel a bit like Rod Stewart wailing out a 'have I told you lately that I love you' sort of tune that reeks of excessive cheese and yet captures a simple feeling. Now I'm not saying I love Paddy Considine in that I've got the ring ready and am currently organizing my engagement proposal. More like, when he's on the screen I just feel as if everything's gotten better. Perhaps it's some resonance of the indescribable impact made during those final few minutes of Dead Man's Shoes. Or it could be just because the one two career punch of In America and Dead Man's Shoes is far too much for my little heart to take. Especially when you pile it on top of a solid turn in the all to oft forgot Cinderella Man, being brilliant in the overly dramatic Pu-239, and being one half of some of the best scenes in Hot Fuzz. To me, it just all ads up.

So when I heard he was setting up to make his directorial debut I thought to myself, interesante (this works best if you imagine me stroking a long white beard). This interest was peaked even further when I found out he would be working with professional "that guy" Peter Mullan from films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Red Riding Trilogy, Braveheart, and Trainspotting, I thought the possibility for something more is there. After all, as writers go, Considine has a real knack for dark, moody material, so why shouldn't that translate well over to being a director?

Of course it should. Especially when you slide in the ever talented - fellow "that guy" - Eddie Marsan whose work in the still super awesome Happy Go Lucky ought to be indicative of the kind of talent he'll bring to the table. As well as what appears to be a breakthrough turn from comedy actress Olivia Colman, also of Hot Fuzz, as well as UK TV shows Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look, and the notorious ought to have been better mockumentary Confetti.

You can check out the trailer for Tyrannosaur, here:

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Castor said...

Sounds like another one of those indie drama with strong performances, that put you to sleep while the movie snobs are in ecstasy.

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