Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Reader Feedback Time!

Yes, it's time again for one of 'those' posts. You know the ones. The ones where I call upon all my lovely readers to supply some hardy feedback, claiming all the while that I don't mind negative input, but secretly hoping someone comments that my writing is just short of heaven on earth (a boy can dream can't he?). But all the same, I feel these posts are necessary for the continuation of my blog. You see, I don't just write this for myself. I talk to myself enough in daily life, no need to carry that over to the internet... too much. I write to educate, be educated, communicate, discuss, and if you've taken the right combination of prescribed medication, entertain.

So, please leave a comment and tell me how I can make LiE a better reading experience all around? Whether you'd like to say something as blunt as "sort your grammar skills out, there are five years with a better grasp of there, their, and they're than you" or as kind as "keep on doing what you do, darling, you're fabulous" (I'm assuming no less than five finger snaps) I want it all. Heck, even if all you want to say is just a few films you'd like me to review, that's fine. I'm cool with that. The more feedback I get, the more I have to reflect on, analyze, and come up with ways of moving forward with.

Thank you all and hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day

- Univarn

5 better thoughts:

Yojimbo_5 said...

Don't go changin.' You're a good read and a regular habit.

Colin said...

I agree. This is a well-written site, and bookmarked by me. The puzzle section is fab, too!

Castor said...

I think you should get back to the basics. Review more movies, make lists, that kind of stuff.

John said...

I guess maybe you could be more active with your comments... but I have that problem myself. Sometimes, time just doesn't allow it, and I completely understand that.

Other than that, I'm not sure I'd change anything. You give a great balance of a little bit of everything. The quizzes are a really good addition.

Duke said...

Love the site my man. I enjoy your reviews, more than anything.

Not enough of that - otherwise, great shit.

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