Monday, June 20, 2011

The Monday Corner 06/20/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Whisper of the Heart - Getting that anime itch back piece be piece.

Police Story - Why isn't Jackie Chan a saint by now? The Church is getting slack... someone needs to get up on that.

For your Consideration:
Meet Tinker Bell's long lost cousin, Linker Bell. Second nephew to Stringer Bell (yes, I've been watching too much of The Wire lately).

Max from Anomalous Material walks shaky ground, but makes a stand when he labels "Made in Dagenham" one of the most 'misogynistic' films of the year, and degrading feminism.

The Ludovico Technique has traveled in trenches, U-Boats, and behind enemy lines in this year's WW2 Marathon, and come out clean on the other side! Be sure you check out each installment!

Do Mormons get a bad rap in the entertainment industry? Whitney of Man, I Love Films takes a heartfelt comb to the fine grains and see what turns up.

Movies love their professors, and they love them in all shapes and sizes, and Riku Writes takes a long stroll over some of their more interesting efforts at portraying those high-minded purveyors of knowledge.

NXNE 2011 is up and running once again, and you know Dark of the Matinee, fresh from a dominating performance in this year's LAMMYs, is on the scene with the latest in film coverage from the event!

Poll Update:
Green Lantern didn't seem to work out well for any of y'all... but it judging by the numbers, people still bothered to go see it anyways.

1. 9 votes: Couldn't feign interest if you paid me through the nose (in fairness, paying through the nose is seldom the best way to go about anything)
2. 7 votes: Was interested but the marketing has left me wanting (kermit the frog maybe?
3. 5 votes: Not sure where I stand on this one (how about now?)
4. (tie) 1 vote: It's brought me around on the film and now I'm curious (you must have missed all the early trailers) and Didn't need marketing, was ready to go before the shoot wrapped (don't be a sheep, now)

New Poll: How often do you let critics influence your viewing decisions?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
A little over a week ago I let you in on one of Chaplin's greatest tales in Limelight, now check out the Oscar winning score! Fun trivia fact: The score took home the Oscar in 1973, over 20 years after the film came out and would be Chaplin's only Oscar win.

Warning - it can be a little loud to start

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 better thoughts:

Will said...

Ah man, Whisper of the Heart & Police Story! Two awesome, awesome movies! Have you seen Police Story 2? Do check it out if you haven't.

Jess said...

I love Riku Writes - what a great blog. This was a pretty terrific post too.

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