Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 5/31/2011

New Releases:

Drive Angry:
Me: Hey look, it's Nic Cage!
O.P: Who?
Me: Oh you know, the guy from all those movies?
O.P: The one with the shotgun?
Me: No, that's professional that guy David Morse! The other one.
O.P: You mean the one that looks like Billy Ray Cyrus mated with an orangutan?
Me: Ummmm... yeah. But I swear he wasn't always that way. He used to be a proper actor who picked good roles and made films that were exciting and intriguing.
O.P: Wait, I know who he is now!
Me: Awesome! I take you know him from Face -
O.P: He was the dude from that scene with the bear!
Me: ...Off. Oh I give up, what's the point?

Biutiful: I take it this is not the James Blunt documentary I've been waiting for?

Kaboom: I take your Kaboom and raise you two Kapows! Take that veil efforts at mimicry of a comic book.

Waiting City: *shrug* Yeah, I've never of it either.

Passion Play: Make that a double.

Other Goodies:

American Graffiti (blu-ray): The proof you've been waiting your whole life for, at last! Proof that George Lucas wasn't always an evil DJ beating the same broken record to death.

Stanley Kubrick: Limited Edition Collection (Blu-Ray): Spartacus, Lolita, Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, and Eyes Wide Shut. All blu-ray. All for roughly $100 bucks. Excuse me, I need a change of pants.

Once Upon a Time in the West (Blu-Ray): No, those aren't tears in my eyes, I swear!

Well, that's all from me folks. Enjoy your day and happy hunting!

8 better thoughts:

Castor said...

Yea, another week of no DVD.

Chris said...

Nice post, Drive Angry worth a watch?

Eric said...

That Kubrick set is awfully tempting. If I didn't own most of them on regular DVD, I would probably jump on this collection ASAP.

cinemasights said...

I totally need to buy that Once Upon a Time in the West bluray. The screens I've been seeing are amazing.

Univarn said...

@Castor I hear yah.

@Chris I may never know. It's not a movie that particularly appeals to me. For future reference, I always link if I have reviewed a movie coming out. Thanks for commenting!

@Eric I only own one which makes it all the more enticing. However, my lack of a blu-ray player severely complicates things.

@cinemasights Sounds like a plan to me.

Will said...

I fought the strong, strong urge to buy that entire Kubrick set and instead only ordered Barry Lyndon and Once Upon a Time in the West. Can't wait! I'm assuming that better editions of the Kubricks will eventually come out and I already have nice DVDs.

Fitz said...

Drive Angry... why? Maybe once True Grit hits I'll buy a DVD.

Dylan said...

Yeah, well I take your Kapows and raise you a Kazaam!

@ Chris - Drive Angry pretty much sucked. Unless you like below-average, shoulda-been campy flicks...then it's perfect.

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