Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Monday Tuesday Corner

Yo, wuz b ups my homez? Wulcum 2 da spucial instullmunt of dee Munday Curnur, wit ur host, Una... Uni... oh shit, da white guy!

Thank you, thank you. And yes, I'll never do that again. It was horrible, I agree. On the plus side, my blog has been upgraded from out and out suspicious to questionably prejudice. It's the little things in life, you know?

Movies Watched For the First Time Last Week:

Shadow of a Doubt - Joseph Cotton without Orson Welles? Blasphemy!

For your Consideration:
In the mountain of link, aboard the hill of shameless, we live.

Ever thought to yourself, "I'd like to seem worldly, but still get to sit on my fat ass and do nothing?" Well, have no fear! The wonderful writer of The Droid You're Looking For, delivers to you a handy guide for beginning your journey into the world of foreign film!

Diving in deeper than Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Paige being chased by top makers across the world, Checking on My Sausages examines the levels of complications action films build to pile on the suspense.

Master of the list, Kai of Man I Love Films presents his list of the ten best cameos to grace the world of cinema. I still contend no Ethel Merman = no dice.

What happens when you mix Sugary Cynicism with a stew of PotC 4? A cartoon so epic, the fact that it doesn't have it's own place in the Sunday funnies is a crime against epics everywhere!

Mentioning Kurosawa is a quick way to set off the Uni radar, and as of late Anomalous Material has been dishing a consistent dose straight to my bloodstream. Take a look at their latest look at his 1985 epic, Ran.

Poll Update:
Well, on the plus side, there was no right answer.

Results: Hangover 2 vs. Kung Fu Panda 2 - which will be remembered best five years from now?
1. 14 votes: Hangover 2 (Five years, maybe... ten years, I doubt it... twenty, not a chance)
2. 12 votes: Kung Fu Panda 2 (I'm not sure it'll be remembered all that well now that the box office receipts have started rolling in)
3. 2 votes: Wait, there was a Hangover and Kung Fu Panda 1 (three cheers!)

New Poll: Well, we're getting close to the halfway point of the year, and since I don't have any better questions to ask: How would you rate 2011 in Film so far?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week
Nothing quite like a tune based around the insinuation that one of the most violent dictators in recent history only has one ball. Love you Bridge on the River Kwai!

That's all folks, enjoy your Monday! Uni bless ;)

6 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

A-a-a-a-a-a-n-d now I have that KWAI tune ("Colenol Bogey") stuck in my head.

Well played Helms.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know I won't remember the Hangover 2. Of course, I don't plan to see it either. That might have something to do with my memory loss.

Chris said...

Nice post, will be whistling all night.

Castor said...

New poll: I would have voted 3 stars before seeing Midnight in Paris. Now 4 :)

Thanks for the link!

PS: Blogger has been an incredible pain in the ass the past few days. Hence the late comment.

Simon said...

Stupid commercials.

Univarn said...

@Mad Muhahahaha

@AlexJ That would be a good reason not to remember it.

@Chris Just be sure you blame me when people start complaining.

@Castor Yeah, I had to switch to this version of comments because of all the blogger issues as of late with embedded comments.

@Simon Sorry. I love to embed youtube. Unfortunately youtube doesn't love to embed for me. Companies enjoy blocking their videos from being embedded outside of youtube.

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