Monday, May 16, 2011

The Monday Corner 5/16/2011

Movies Watched This Past Week:

Blow Out - Would have been better if John Lithgow and John Travolta were a tag team detective squad entitled "Two Guys Named John." Well, I suppose with a name like that they'd have to be morning talk show hosts on the radio :(

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin - You know what this movie was missing? A 37th Chamber of Shaolin where they learn to duel through the art of Disco!

For your Consideration:
This is the 86th Monday Corner. I'm out of things to put here where I can place 'link' in and it still make sense. Granted it never did before. So LINK ON!

THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER was delivered on this week's LAMBCast. Seriously, I had to change my pants twice. And it involves two of the very best the blogging community have to offer. And no, I don't include myself in that. Want to know what it is? LISTEN TO FIND OUT!

With the Ladies out for the count over at Blog Cabins, Jess at Insight Into Entertainment has taken up the reigns and delivers the Guys of the '90s Tournament! So I take it Angelina Jolie doesn't qualify for this one as well?

In a brilliant bit of analysis, Film Intel looks at what is seemingly the death of the 'American' Hero - at least with respect to having actual Americans play the roles. And all this coming from across the pond? Be sure to check it out!

Also, be sure to check out the above's spawn, and brother post in arms, 'Why do we need Jason Statham?' from Better Geek Than Never!

Last, but not least, be sure you head on over to The Incredible Suit for a savory taste of their Attack the Blog series, taking an in depth look at the first indie film to peak on my radar - Attack the Block.

Poll Update:
Either you people really felt like voting, or I did a topic that actually interested you! I'm hoping for the latter. Thinking you were just bored for the former.

Results: When I Watch a 'classic' movie I generally.
1. 17 votes: Enjoy it immensely and carry on about my day (probably why the lovers and haters are so vocal)
2. 15 votes: Go either way, bit of love and bit of no go (see former comment)
3. 8 votes: Love it to death and desire more (you go girl)
4. 7 votes: Respect their status but not really enjoy them (that's because you're not good enough - you have yet to master movie watching kung fu!)
5. 0 votes: Out and out hate them (if you had voted for this, there would have been tears)

New Poll: The latest Pirates of the Carribean is on its way. Will this film reinstate the love or continue the downward spiral into the evolving black hole that is becoming Rob Marshall's filmography?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week
Since all the good videos on youtube are blocked from embedding, because companies are very controlling over how you view their videos for free, I've decided to sit here in a sullen state until they let me do what I want. In the mean time, here's George Gershwin.

Enjoy your Monday everybody! Uni bless ;)

6 better thoughts:

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

I will never tell you how I voted in the new poll. But you already can guess now.

Jess said...

Thanks so much for the plug. I should have promoted a bit more before it started.

Castor said...

Never been a fan of POTC and I gave up watching after the first 2. It looks terrible.

Univarn said...

@Lesya I'm guessing you're reserving your vote because there's simply not an evil enough option to express your hatred for PotC? No? Then I'm stumped :P

@Jess It's your first time running it, so no worries there. Next time I'm sure you'll be on the ball with the overcompensating for publicity :)

@Castor My favorite scene in the third one is, without shame, they have two boats sailing towards each other, for a head on battle... you know, because wind always blows both ways at the same time.

Will said...

I am wondering how you enjoyed 36th Chamber. It sounds like not much :(

Matt S said...

Really nice blog, I love the layout! And interesting choice on the poll, as it is something I feel strongly about...

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