Sunday, April 17, 2011


As some of you might have heard, NC got a bit of a whopping yesterday due to some rather mean storms traveling through. For my part, it wasn't all that bad. Saw a bunch of roof debris floating in the air and landing around my house, but luckily I got through the rather turbulent thirty minutes or so tornado free (what really hurt was the complete lack of crazy Phillip Seymour Hoffman being on the scene to investigate). However, eleven hours of power outage has left me without a post for today, so I thought it would be fair enough to turn over the blog to you!

So, the comments are yours. Do anything yesterday? Seen a movie lately you think I just have to check out? Got a fun weather story? Maybe a favorite movie about weather? Or whatever else you want to mention. The comments are yours. (Power pending, yes I'll be around to respond to your comments).

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Ruth said...

I don't have a favourite movie about weather...but I do remember watching The Day After Tomorrow for the first time during some rather savage thunderstorms/flooding rains. Very paranoid Ruth that day...(I put this down to being only 13 at them..*ahem*...yeah...)

Rich said...

I remember being caught in a tremendous windstorm when I was living in the Midwest that knocked down trees and cut off power in the whole area for almost a week. It was kinda scary. Be careful down there.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't catch a movie this weekend, and after what our area experienced yesterday, glad I wasn't out in it. Lots of damage from several tornadoes.

edgarchaput said...

After two weeks of decent weather, the temperature dropped a couple degrees below 0 Celsius.

I still went out to see 'Hanna' with some friends on Saturday afternoon. I though it was the best action movie this year so far and one of the best movies in general.

Andrew Robinson said...

Movie about weather? How does no-one think about the brilliant film TWISTER?

That movie rocks; or at least the teenage version of me remembers loving it, haven't seen it since then.

I saw Scream 4 last night and I was massively surprised. Maybe low expectations saved it for me but it was just as fun as the first which I do love to death.

Anyways hope the weather picks up there in NC and let's see what you write about tomorrow.

simoncolumb said...

"The comments are all yours!"

They always are! We own the comment box! .. us "readers"! Ha ha

Univarn said...

@Ruth On the plus side, you had Jakie G to comfort and console you... ok, maybe that wasn't that big of a plus side.

@Rich All is well, but thanks all the same :)

@Alex The though of going to the movies had crossed our mind, but it quickly left it.

@Edgar look at it this way, if it's 0 then at least you know it'll be cold and don't have to play the 'is it windy?' game.

@Andrew It has not fared well for me on recent viewings. But, the Paxton is immaculate.

@Simon That's what I let you think.

Castor said...

I saw Yojimbo a few days ago. Hoping to work on a review at some point next week! Toshiro Mifune is such a badass :)

Simon said...

There was lightning that scared me.

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