Friday, April 15, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 4/15/2011

Wide Releases:

Scream 4: If you couldn't believe the shocker ending from those previous three attempts we've given at this, you won't believe this one! Odds are they're going to kill a major character, or make that major character the killer. Pretty much the only alternative left to the series unless they intend on doing another "this is how it all started" spin that's sucked this series dry. Then again, they did kill of Liev Schreiber... YOU NEVER KILL THE SCHREIBER!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I got a bit worked up there... NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes into a corner and spends the next few hours weeping*

Rio: Hey look it's cute flying animals with the one that can't fly being all goofy! Oh you silly little wanimal, being oh so silly willy bidilly. Seriously, I'm reaching the boiling point on quasi-family, family animated films. I feel like I could use a good year off to just recollect and go dive into some classics before I'm unable to process the differences between them at all. The formula has just become way too plain, and those who don't see it seem to bomb epically in every way except box office results. To be honest it's just disheartening.

Limited Releases:

The Conspirator: Signs your indie film isn't all that great: You're directed by a big name. Robert Redford - check. You feature several big name stars. James McAvoy, Tom Wilkinson, Danny Huston, Evan Rachel Wood... Justin Long and Alexis Bledel (just go with it) - check. Nobody has heard of you, and you've had not discernible marketing done on your behalf. Check and check. Well, to those who seek this one out, best of luck to you.

Other Releases: Atlas Shrugged Part 1, Armadillo, The Princess of Montper, Footprints, and The Double Hour

Well, there you have it. This weekend's menu from which you get to make your selection. Bon Appetit.

6 better thoughts:

Castor said...

Can you smell it, the summer blockbuster season has begun! Not really interested in seeing either Rio or Scream 4 in theaters but I will be looking forward to renting them on Netflix the day they come out :)

Mike Lippert said...

I'm going to say I'm looking forard to the Conspirator because 1) Redford has never directed a fully bad movie and B) I covered the script a year ago and thought it was exceptional. I have to assume, but can't be certain, that this movie is going to open small and grow through word of mouth up to a wide release. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Fitz said...

The Conspirator has a good cast, but we all know how it ends. That can't help its fortunes.

Simon said...

I'm going to find a theatre that's playing Ayn Rand Political Corner Part Who Cares. It will amuse me.

Fletch said...

Great call on The Conspirator...hadn't heard of it until like three days ago. Bizarre.

Was reading a bit of the reviews of Atlas Shrugged over at RT the other day. Funny stuff. It has like a

Univarn said...

@Castor Oh, is that was that smell is?

@Mike I haven't seen his The Milagro Beanfield War - so I can't fully agree with you, but the rest have been good to great.

@Fitz You could say the same for all historical films, yet they still do rather well on the whole.

@Simon You should march back in front of the audience with a sign picketing people who picket political things.

@Fletch Well, then Atlas Shrugged must be amazing because we all know critics are always wrong.

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