Monday, April 18, 2011

The Monday Corner 4/18/2011

Movie Watched This Past Week:

Murder on the Orient Express - Seriously: Albert Finney, Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Wendy Hiller, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave and Lauren Bacall all in the same film - my head exploded five times.

For your Consideration:
So, Monsieur Link, we meet again.

Ross v Ross ponder the wonderful, mentally inept, world of movie title changes as a movie makes continental moves. Warning, insanity ensues.

Defiant Success takes on the difficult challenge of hiring an actor to play Cary Grant - just so long as they gallop on a horse named 'Insanity' in at least one scene, I don't care who takes the role :)

Screen Insight goes in depth with their review and analysis of Connery's James Bond breakthrough Dr. No. James Bond has brought us many wonders throughout the years - hell, anytime I'm in a chair that spins in a circle I make sure I have a cat on hand... you know, just in case a "no Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" opportunity arises.

There's been an out poor of love and affect towards Beauty and the Beast as of late. Be sure to check out Film Forager and Movies and Other Things walk down memory lane with this majestic animation masterpiece.

Film Intel brought tears to my eyes with this. So simple. So beautiful. Oh dear me, marketing agents have done it again!

Poll Update:
Vote early and vote often. The LiE motto. If I had one. Which I don't. But that's someone else's anyways, so all is good.

Results: How much do you care about celebrities?
1. 13 votes: Only so far as their work is concerned (good on you)
2. 7 votes: Just the wacky ones (yay for exploiting other people's severe issues!)
3. 4 votes: I wouldn't care even if each shot lasers from their belly buttons (yes you would - don't lie)
4. 2 votes: More than I'll ever admit in public (figures - these companies market to someone)
5. 0 votes: My TV hasn't left E! in years (I'm accepting all none votes as this one :P)

New Poll: Continuing on my track of none-related but kind of polls - How Do You Feel About Newspaper Puns? Honestly - they make me die inside.

Soundtrack of the Week:
Children of Men - one of the great movies of the last ten years in my opinion. Part of that stunning group of anti-blockbuster mainstream films of 2006 that really helped make that year a perfect setup for the absolute gem 2007 would turn out to be.

Well, ladies and gentlemen. There you have it! Your Monday Corner. Be sure you read, comment, and enjoy everyone's post and have a great day! Four day work week - WAHOO!

11 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

I figured that post would get some recognition. Thanks.

And not to rub it in, but I'm off from school this week. So...*sticks tongue out*

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Exploiting other's severe issues - hey, Sheen thinks he's winning!

Andy Buckle said...

Totally with you on Children of Men. From all that I have seen, it is one of the top films of the 21st Century to date...

Alex said...

oh awesome thanks for the link! And jeez I need to see Murder on the Orient Express already, so star-studded!

And I don't know if it's just my computer being weird but I don't see the new poll, only the old one?

Ross McG said...

cheers for the linkage Ryan! always appreciate it

Univarn said...

@MovieNut nah nah nah, "I don't have any school this week" bah humbug! (I'm very mature about these kind of things)

@AlexJ So do the lobsters floating in the tank at restuarants.

@Andy I think it's simply pure multi-dimensional mental stimulation from start to end.

@Alex That's entirely me bad. I forgot to put up the new poll last night so I'll have to do it tonight. I realized that when I left the house this morning.

Castor said...

Children of Men soundtrack is a nice touch on a Monday! Never really noticed it in the movie.

Fletch said...

4-day work week? Maybe for you, friendo, but not for me. Well, unless I take a vacation day, which I am pondering...

Your poll ain't showing up for me. If I could think of a proper pun to use right now, I would.

Univarn said...

@Castor I love the soundtrack - even though it is a bit minimalistic in the film, it comes through beautifully on its own right.

@Fletch yay for federal holidays :P

Simon said...

Murder on the Orient Express is so absurdly awesome it shouldn't be legal, except in Sweden, because of course Ingrid Bergman would never stand for it's repeal. Or whatever.

simoncolumb said...

Thanks for the link! I've now got to write the next 21 bond analysiss...

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