Monday, February 14, 2011

Guesting at the Matinee

It's been one year since we last did it. Since then his podcast has won awards, become revered as a mainstay of the blogging community, and listened to by many of the LAMB elite. Me? Well, I've eaten at least fifty cookies and many of you are still unsure as to why you keep reading this thing (sex appeal, I know I have it, it's a curse really).

Now, we combined forces once again in an epic (not that long), amazing (comprably speaking), podcast (that's true) so magnanimous even angels cried in wonder (what? If I'm going to do self-promotion, I'm going to do it right).

Be sure to check out my guestspot on The Matineecast from Dark of the Matinee

3 better thoughts:

Fletch said...

Loved your points about the classics and context. You get me!! :) My thing is, I can try to place myself in the context and educate myself as best as possible, but I can't trick my mind into thinking something that's corny isn't corny merely because it came out decades prior. But damnit, I keep trying. What I don't understand is how you can "trick" yourself into having the tropes of days gone by NOT bother you.

edgarchaput said...

I'm a frequent listener to Mad Hatter's show. Excited to check this episode out.

Univarn said...

@Fletch When it comes to classics I found myself at first being very off put by their style and general feel. I think it really takes an intermediary film to bridge that gap if it's not working for you. For me, that gap was Casablanca. A movie where I loved the story so much I didn't care about the acting and began to find similarities in other classics and so on.

@Edgar Hope you enjoy(ed) it!

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