Monday, February 14, 2011

The Monday Corner 2/14/2011

How to think for yourself:

Step 1. Quote a lot of really intelligent people on how our society is bogged down by groupthink and fails to truly enact its own intelligence.
Step 2. .... .... ...... Well, to be honest, nobody's gotten this far yet. We've all thought about thinking for ourselves but we only do so by quoting other people talking about thinking for ourselves and not actually doing it. If only we could trace it back to the very first person who actually thought for themselves and started all this crap. Probably a caveman with a comb-over trying to convince the local cavewoman with the least armpit hair that big brains are as good as... wait, never mind.

For your Consideration:

Andrew from Encore Entertainment has kicked his awards into high gear and in keeping with his fashion has made quality selections from across the wide spectrum of cinema... especially if it's rather pretty cinema :).

The Flick Chick has been taking in some amazing Oscar classics and presenting her thoughts on their place in the history of cinema. Yeah, they don't get everything wrong people, take a chill pill.

In the back to back linkage department, Dark of the Matinee takes a stroll back through 10 years of Oscar best picture and sees just how well they hold up in hindsight.

It's birthday time over at Flixchatter and good ol' RTM is breaking down the favorite films from each decade she lived through. Piece of advice: don't comment you thought she's have more decades than that, you'll just look like an arse.

Last, but not least, MovieNut14 of Defiant Success is at it again with some screenplay Sample Dialogue. I'm still waiting for the part where the killer chimpanzees invade and take over the planet before being attacked by a rather large lizard, but I'm sure it'll be there soon enough.

Poll Update:
The Sandler and Anistons of the world are dooming us, but Beiber at #1 makes my soul die.

1. 9 votes: If it makes money (god let's hope it crashes)
2. 8 votes: In ten minutes (go go Godzilla!)
3. (tie) 4 votes: If they produce an off spring (Damien part 2) & Hey, I kind of like them (fine, be that way)
5. 1 vote: Who are Sandler and Aniston? (you are my hero)

Greatest Thing Ever?
Saw this last week, nearly cried it was so awesome.

- David Herbert

6 better thoughts:

MovieNut14 said...

Gee, uh, thanks for the, um, linkage...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The list I saw placed the Sandler movie at #1...

Univarn said...

@MovieNut14: Sorry, the design of your post doesn't really lend itself to anything other than "Just read it" which isn't much of a plug.

@AlexJ: I would be relatively surprised if that movie doesn't take a good $2-4mil drop when the final figures some in today. The jump (near 50%) from Friday to Saturday that it experienced I would argue came from some studio number fudging to try and ensure a #1 BO win (happens a lot since nobody pays attention to anything but the estimates - was real bad with Speed Racer).

Castor said...

Did you look for the giant VCR? ;)

Simon said...

That picture os my new deity. From now on, I will say Oh My Huge-Ass VHS Of 2001: A Space Odyssey. OMHAVHS2K1APO, for short.

You will too.

rtm said...

Hey thanks for the shout out Univarn! He..he.. well, my post kinda gave away how old I am. But I consider my b'day is just another anniversary of being 21 :D

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