Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Now Return......

Yes ladies and gentlemen after 2 weeks of vacation it's about time for LiE to get back on the bandwagon and get rolling. I am flying back to NC today, and after some jet lag tomorrow (maybe a post, maybe not) we'll be ready to go (baring any unforeseen circumstances)! So, now for some random business:

1. If you'd like to be a contestant on THE ENIGMA SHOW and are available for broadcasting: Monday or Tuesday of next week let me know! If you have someone you'd like to compete with in mind you two can try and organize some times and let me know then I can see how it works with my schedule. I may setup a request form to make things easier so that I have peoples time's handy. We'll see about that.

2. The CONTACT US page should be back and working, missed some code I needed to fix. If you don't see it, let me know. I fit doesn't work for you, let me know (comments away!).

3. I figured I'd share a fun story with you all from my vacation: My Grandfather, Dave Huggins, is perhaps one of the most traveled men I know (20 years in the Air Force will do that to you). And while age has taken its tole on his memory he has more fun and exciting stories than most. For example, he once worked as a mechanic on the SR-71 (big black plane that's in just about every movies) and the amount of stories he has on that is near infinite. Worth the travel all on its own. So, while I have heard most of his stories about a hundred times I heard one this vacation that I have never heard before. About his trip to LA in the mid 1960's (at the start of the Vietnam war):

At the time he was working overseas (probably Taiwan) as a master sergeant and was chosen by the Colonel in his office to accompany him to a conference in LA. A big deal at the time, especially for his family, as he was chosen over the Major above him as a recognition of his work. Well, while he was there he was wandering around one day when he met a man. The man told him he was part of a combo act and was wondering if the troops oversea would enjoy it if they came over and entertained them. My granddad aptly replied "If it's from the States, they'll love it." The man seemed to highly consider this and him and my granddad parted ways. The man in question turned out to be one Michael Douglas.

If all goes well I'll see you back and action very soon! I look forward to catching up on all your awesome blog posts, and podcasts, while I was out!

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Alex said...

Well I am getting this error message when I submit something on the contact form:

"This form is not being sent from the url where it is supposed to be located. If you are the owner of this form you need to ensure that the 'Form Location' is specified as To change this, login to the site, click 'edit' next to the form's name, and then click the 'Basic Information' link to change the form's location."

Have a good trip home!

Jason H. said...

Have a safe trip home! By the way, I LOVE that image at the top of the post.

Simon said...

Michael Douglas, eh? Combo act?

Sadako said...

Michael Douglas?! Sweet story!

Castor said...

Finally! Glad to get you back! Thanks for sharing the awesome story about Michael Douglas :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one being all mystic on the blogpshere.

Fletch said...

I'm available next Monday and Tuesday (Monday would be better) and would love to be a contestant!

Welcome back!

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