Friday, June 18, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Release Post #35

You've waited years for it. Counted the minutes until its released. Begged over and over again for something. And well, the wait is no more! It's finally the weekend Jonah Hex comes to the theaters!!!!! Wait, one second. I'm being told something about a story involving toys. Sounds boring. I'm in need of action, adventures, John C. Reilly? Oh, that's another movie. Ah, screw it, let's get on with it already!

Wide Releases

Toy Story 3: Yeah yeah yeah I know, Pixar, Toy Story, greatness. I don't have much to say on it, you all know more than enough by now. What I will say is this: with the way 2010 is shaping out, I would not be against betting Toy Story 3 going all Return of the King on this year's oscars. Let's be honest, the past few years Pixar has been moving closer and closer to escaping best animated film and hands down taking Best Picture. If the reviews hold, and I think they will in the 90% range, I called it :P.

Jonah Hex: Marketing 101 - Do not release the worst reviewed film of the year (currently at 0% with 27 reviews in on RT) the same weekend as the best reviewed film is being released. Jonah Hex has disaster written all over it. Massive cuts, rewrites, drops, re-releases, it's an absolute surprise it ever found its way to the theater. Which I consider to be more of a "we have to try and get something out of it" effort than a justifiable effort. I'll be avoiding this one like the plague.

Limited Releases

The Killer Inside Me: We've all read about the controversy, but now it's time to see what it's really all about. Casey Affleck has really come into his own as of late though, I want to see this, if for no other reason, for his performance!

Cyrus: Marisa Tomei and Catharine Keener. You had me at hello. Ok fine, they never said hello to me. But if they did, oh, I tell you what. Yeah, you're right nothing much would happen. But I can dream can't I? Oh, and Jonah Hill is alright, and John C. Reilly is awesome. Yeah, I'm excited for this movie. Hope it makes the NC trip soon!

other notable releases: I Am Love, 8: The Mormon Proposition, and Let it Rain

Uni Recommendation: Get out and see some movies baby! Just don't go see Jonah Hex... or I'll secretly judge you out loud.

That's all folks!

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SugaryCynic said...

it is a little known fact that every time someone says jonah hex aloud, josh brolin sheds a single tear

The Mad Hatter said...

I'll never understand how WB keeps such a tight grip on all of DC's properties, and yet they decided that stories like JONAH HEX and CATWOMAN were better bets to make than WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, and THE FLASH.

For what it's worth, I'll be seeing the toys this weekend, along with STONES IN EXILE at NXNE.

Alex said...

Whelp, I've already seen Jonah Hex so judge away. Honestly, people are being WAY too harsh on it and I have no idea why. It's a fun, fast movie with some good action and a cool cast; not great but fairly enjoyable especially with its 80 minute runtime. I don't know what everyone was expecting to be let down so hard.

Also The Killer Inside Me isn't that good as a movie, but Casey Affleck is great in it!

It'll be Toy Story 3 for me tonight, obviously.

Univarn said...

@Sugary Haha, I'm not sure why he opted to do it. He's finally gaining real respect as an Oscar contender.

@Mad Who knows, maybe they thought they could make them for much cheaper?

@Alex From early press, it seemed to me that, there were no expectations for it (at least in critical circles). So I'm doubting there's any "let down" so much as a fulfilling of their low expectations.

Now I would say critics in general don't like short, no depth, action films, which is what it appears to me to be from a distance. And that's not something that appeals much to me either.

Mike Lippert said...

Ah, I'd prefer a well made short, no depth action film than a horribly made, overlong one like the A-Team, but alas I think I have worn our my A-Team scorn for the week. I can't imagine Jonah Hex being any worse than mostly everything else in the theater and Alex says it's good from having actually seen it so meh, I don't know, not a see in theaters release for me anyways.

As for Killer Inside Me, I covered the script sometime later last year and thought it was highly enjoyable. It seems to be getting mixed reviews and I didn't even know it was coming out this weekend but I'll for sure be seeing it when it swings by my part of town.

Simon said...

Surely, we will all see Jonah Hex for Michael Fassbender? He needs a paycheck to keep making good movies, damn you!

Sugary, thank you for letting us know. I wouldn't want to make Josh cry.

Univarn said...

@Mike Be caureful what you ask for or the next Transformers 3 will be beckoning you, and you might have to go :P

Killer Inside Me has a very limited release this weekend, not sure how the expansion's going to play out.

@Simon I don't think Jonah Hex failing will have any affect on Fassbender. Now, maybe if he was the star it would... so, just save your money and go see Centurion when it comes out.

Kaiderman said...

So, I keep hearing about The Killer Inside Me and have missed what it is... another blog even mentioned Irreversible in the same sentence... is there some effed up things going on? How have I missed this?
Probably cuz I ignored it for awhile because I thought people were talking about Lindsay Lohan's I Know Who Killed Me! ha

Red said...

Toy Story 3- Will probably give it a shot sometime this weekend once drill is done. I thought it would be a disappointment, but all the great reviews are hard to ignore.

Jonah Hex- Um, no thanks.

Killer Inside Me- More than likely I won't get this one in Nebraska until it comes out on DVD. I'm psyched to see it though. Controversial films seem to attract me for some reason.

Cyrus- While Tomei and Keener being in the same movie sounds like a fantastic idea to me, I am at the point where I almost won't watch anything with Jonah Hill. I'm not sure if there is an "actore" out there that I despise more.

TJMAC510 said...

Jonah Hex is crap. It's 70 minutes of total plot, dialogue and story failure that's chopped up horribly. It's like they were desperate for that PG-13 rating so they cut out half the film. The acting sans Fox and the effects aren't that bad but the plot sucks.

I'm seeing Toy Story 3 soon...yeah it'll be good.

We did not get Cyrus up here but DID get Killer Inside Me and is the darkest noir I've ever seen. The sheer brutality and unrelenting violence against women is really hard to watch. It's dark, it's graphic but it's brilliant. Casey Affleck is one of the most believable sociopaths I have ever seen in film history with a cold hearted indifference that makes you believe Casey actually had to snap to do this film. Hudson and Alba are great as well. There are some minor and I mean minor flaws but oh wow...

Mike Lippert said...

Ha Univarn I'm keeping an open mind about Transformers 3 despite my better judgement. I almost like dthe first one and hated the second but hey, Michael Bay promises more story this time and has rounded up a pretty good cast. Also, you have to admit, when Bay is on, no on directs action better than him.

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