Monday, May 3, 2010

The Monday Corner 5/3/2010

What I think I'm writing: The film's verisimilitude is matched only by the depth of inspiring beauty that transpires even its most opaque cinematic moments.

What I'm actually writing: The movie's dedication to reality is very admirable, to the point of allowing it to go beyond being just another dark movie.

What I interpret my writing: I like movie. Very real. Pretty pictures. Good for all.

You know, blogging can be a pain some days.

For your Consideration:
Linkage time in the city!

Get your documentary on with Dark of the Matinee as the Mad Hatter has dove head first into the sea of films at this years Hot Docs.

MovieNut14 from Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile is calling out her fellow bloggers on their respective Film Crushes. What are yours?

This week The Playlist was shutdown by Google believing it to be a music blog (part of their recent attempts to remove free mp3 sites). Don't worry though, they're still kicking it over at The Playlist Nation. Be sure to head on over there and check it out.

The festival world continues over at Film Forager as Alex reviews the films of the Boston Independent Film Festival!

Early reviews on Iron Man 2 are pouring in, and Ross McG of Ross v. Ross has stepped up to throw in his two cents.

Poll Update:
Yeah, voting is overrated. I mean, who wants to do that? *cries*

1. 6 votes: Not the best of friends (it's ok Horror films, lots of sites share the love)
2. 4 votes: bitter enemies (Harsh)
3. (tie) 2 votes: 50/50 Most Days and In Perfect Sync (here is the love)
5. 1 vote: Often in Agreement (close enough)

New Poll: We're hitting the summer stretch for big budget action films. I want to know, how do you grade 2010 so far?

Random Stuff
- BE SURE you check out the blog tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. I'm expecting a whole lot of comments, and if you don't I'll weep in a corner for hours.

It's time to say farewell, but fear not for tomorrow a new post shall come again.

8 better thoughts:

Alex said...

Thanks for the link!

As for movies in 2010 so far, I've seen some really good small/foreign releases like the Red Riding Trilogy, Mother, and The Square, but have been underwhelmed by the bigger ones like Hot Tub Time Machine and Kick-Ass. How are you feeling about it?

PS nice "Most Popular Posts" addition!

The Mad Hatter said...

In the immortal words of Max Fisher... "I'm sorry, did someone say my name?"

Thanks for the plug home slice. Covering this fest has been a bit of a slog, especially since most of the usual suspects who read my work seem to have precious little interest in what I'm writing about! Very appreciative of the support.

I haven't been reading too much of what is going on else where, but I swear I'll go on a bender and catch up with what I've missed on your space good n' soon.

Univarn said...

@Alex Thanks, worked hard on that. I do wonder though how many films like Red Riding Trilogy are just coming out in the US but have been out for a while overseas.

@Madhatter Don't worry, I'm reading. I just don't have much to say other than "sounds interesting, I'll make a note to check it out." Going to catch up on your Matineecasts/Life in Technicolor posts on Wednesday.

Castor said...

What's happening tomorrow morning?

Univarn said...

@Castor you'll have to come and see :P

Japan Cinema said...

Funny you used that banner as I saw In Bruges yesterday and it sucked hardcore. I have heard nothing but priase for it for like a year now and went in with high anticiation. Good thing I bootlegged it *click* lol

Univarn said...

@Japan That's ok, I love the movie enough to counter act your disdain for it. Though high anticipation can do wonders for how we evaluate a movie.

Ross McG said...

cheers for the linkage Univarn, wish I could sit and have a beer with Brendan Gleeson every monday.

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