Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Defense of This Post....


It's a difficult thing watching a movie you love get lambasted by fellow bloggers, and general community. A certain element of pride, and attachment develops between you and said film. A sort of alienation that creates a necessity to defend that connection. An emotional response I can fully relate to, and wholeheartedly understand.

That being said, there is almost no post title that will turn me off an article as quick as: IN DEFENSE OF XXXXXX. For me, it's a certain self defense. What you're really doing is not defending the movie. You're defending your love for the movie.

You know what that's called: A Movie Review. Write it, and leave it be. I'm not much of one to grump, but this one just irks me. That somehow a movie needs a defense. Once it's out there, the opinions laid upon are subject to the personal viewpoints of each individual. It reminds me of the "well, it's not for everyone" defense. Well, duh? What kind of ego would you have to possess to think you could make a movie so perfect everyone would love it?

But, I digress. Really what the In Defense of post is the reciprocal, if I dare use a math term, to the love/hate movie post. Those who love the movie get so alienated by the haters they feel that as if they themselves are being attacked, and an aching desire to defend themselves emerges. And don't get me wrong I'm on no high horse here, I've done both before as well. It's a easy go to self defense mechanism.

What I ask is that you stop trying to "defend the movie," and start expressing why you love it. That's what you're really trying to do, and that's what I look for in a post! A certain element of willingness to stand behind a movie you enjoy regardless of what other people think of it. Because, movie taste is a personal thing. You can't allow others to influence, positively or negatively, your opinion. Just express yourself.

So, please remember you're not "defending" the movie, you're showing how much you "love" the movie. Now those are posts I'd like to read.

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Simon said...

Right on, sister!

I really do kind of hate those posts. Just review the movie, don't go on and on about how other people hate it.

DEZMOND said...

this is why I tend not to write reviews and critics over at my blog, someone will always find something negative in it, someone will get angry, someone will go mad. That's why I prefer just spreading positive energy and love that you mention.

Castor said...

Lol Dez. You are probably right but there is truly no reason to get angry about someone's opinion. I have never written a review "in defense" of a movie (not that I know) but I would guess you would need to offend some fanboy to see it happening.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Okay, is this post directed at me? :)

I can't turn my reviews into "In Defense" posts because ALL my reviews would have to be called "In Defense" posts. My tastes are too unique (weird, crazy, different). I understand the logic behind them, but it's just too defense and it ends up getting whiny or just annoying.

Univarn said...

@Simon well put.

@Dez I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but I don't take it personally. Nor do I feel any need to defend my movie taste. But, that said, keep doing what you do :P

@Castor Sometimes it's fanboy films, but most of the time its just movies not a lot of people liked so those who did feel some need to defend it.

@Andrew No, my complaint goes way back to my Rotten Tomatoes days, but I know you did do one. I understand why people do them, but I think they shouldn't. The review they write should be a reflection of their opinion, and if people can't accept it, that's their problem.

Mike Lippert said...

AS I said at the beginning of my Death at A Funeral review: no reviewer should ever feel that their review requires an apology.

Ross McG said...

haha, youre gonna hate our new series coming soon on RvR...
'spreading positive energy...'? what a load of crap. the internet is for arguing. would be a stupid name for a website

Univarn said...

@Mike Very true.

@Ross Oh well. I tried :)

Stephen said...

I completely agree that a review should be 'positive' and not 'negative'. There's no need to defend a film you love as if you can logically persuade someone to change their mind.

Let the reader come to you and be seduced by your appreciation rather than you going to them with a closed fist.

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