Monday, December 7, 2009

The Monday Corner 12/7/2009

Ah yes, an amazing week of posting, sexiness, and evil chimpanzee overlords! Beware you crazy people or I shall have to smite thee! Ok, well I can't do any smiting, but I can go BOOGA BOOGA! Take that.

With final exams this week you can expect a lot of movie reviews to be posted. They're quick to do, and something that really helps get my mind off things.

For your Consideration:
Some great posts this week, hard to condense to just 5, but here we go anyways.

Dark of the Matinee has just done his first podcast, be sure you get over there to check it out!

Kid in the Front Row is calling everyone out to submit stories of one of their favorite theater going experiences.

Big Thoughts reviews one of my favorite films of the year, Moon.

Encore's Entertainment writes a very captivating post on different dilemmas bloggers' face.

Entertain Me! analyzes the Kurosawa classic, Rashomon.

Whew, thank god that's over with. If you all keep posting such content I may go crazy trying to do this :P

Poll Update:
I'll admit I was kind of concerned about this poll not gaining traction, but of course all you lovely readers came through in fine form!

Poll Results: Edward Norton wins? Well I suppose that says something about my readers. We all know he should have already won one ;).
1. Edward Norton (8 votes)
2. Johnny Depp (5 votes)
3. Viggo Mortensen (4 votes)
4. Amy Adams (2 votes)

New Poll: A lot of big releases coming out this upcoming weekend, which are you most excited for? A Single Man, Invictus, or The Lovely Bones?

Random Stuff
- Two of my favorite posts I wrote this past week, A Dream of Family and Podcastmonium should be checked out by you... or I shall cry heavily!

- I wonder how bad the producers of Jennifer's Body felt when it bombed like it did. You have to think when they put down $16million total for the production they were almost 100% positive they had a hit. Alas I'm not sure it could have bombed harder barely even making that amount back (not including marketing).

- Recently I've been wondering what it would be like to have a pet penguin. Could I walk it in dog parks? Would it have to sleep in my freezer? It seems odd to me that this movie hasn't been made yet!

Alright so that wraps up this installment of the Monday Corner! It's ok you can keep cheering, it doesn't bug me at all :P. *cricket cricket*


2 better thoughts:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Is it supposed to be ironic with you having final exams but blogging more? I won't go there, too easy. Thanks for the link :) Captivating? Tear.

DEZMOND said...

Oh, I volunteered in my local ZOO as a teenager, my duty being to feed the penguins ... Although extremely cute, those are some deadly dangerous animals .... very dangerous ... believe me ... not at all suitable for pets, especially not if you'd keep them in a fridge :))

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