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Week in TV Wrapup 11/2/2009

Final Note: This is the last week of baseball so next week we shall return to our fearsome trio of House, Bones, and Fringe. For this week, FlashForward shall stand in for House. If you would like me to continue to do FlashForward even after the return of all the shows let me know!

Fringe, Season 2 - Episode 6: Earthling

When a wife comes home on anniversary to find her husband completely still, her horror is only amplified when at a simple touch crumbles into dust. When the Fringe squad is called in Broyles is forced to face some deep demons as he finds a mysterious killer he hunted years ago but never found has returned to turn people to ash once again.

I have to say while Baseball made Fringe and Bones a will they won't they air back and forth affair, this episode was awesome. Broyles centric, the episode deals with a very captivating case, dark and scary shadow figures, and some of the more exciting plot points as they go along. The rest of the cast is in fine form, and they have to be quite honestly. While this episode is strong on characters and a story with enough mystery to keep you well captivated, the edges aren't quite as well rounded and the ending leaves quite a bit unanswered. While I love Anna Torv she needs to work a bit on her range, even as a secondary character in this episode she feels a bit one note. Beyond that, great episode all around, definite a must see.

Episode Rating: 8.00/10

Bones, Season 5 - Episode 6: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

Bones and Booth investigate the death of a chicken farmer whose disfiguration from years of work has caused him a chicken-like resemblance. Meanwhile Angela closes in on the end of her celibacy and begins to seek out new partners, though I'm not sure her growing fascination with saving pigs is exactly what Sweets had in mind when he recommended this.

Ah wow. What an episode. Insanely fun, well developed, and with a rewatchability that's through the roof. That's perhaps Bones greatest strength, I've seen every episode to date and yet whenever I see one again I love it just as much as I did the first time around. This week's episode was classic. If I wasn't laughing (which I did a whole lot) I was caught up in emotional conflicts and intriguing inter-office innuendo. Of course when it comes to Bones workplace relationships take on a whole new meaning. Over the top, filled with subtle gestures and just get character manipulation, always putting the right ones in the right place, this episode just plain works. Not to mention the case this week is filled with gags, eye opening on animal cruelty, and obviously very close to those at Bones. I really enjoyed it and hope for many more like it in the future (not to mention next week's looks epic).

Episode Rating: 8.50/10

FlashForward, Season 1 - Episode 7: The Gift

The investigation of the Blue Hand Group from the previous episode leads Noh, Al, and Mark into the world of underground clubs who, like Noh, also did not see a future, and partake in a variety of dark things. As Al's flashforward slowly unfolds we learn of some deep personal troubles he's been experiencing, and he is confronted with a decision: accept his future or change it.

As episodes go, until now FlashForward has been extremely one minded. Future happens, maybe we can change it maybe not, let's just go with the flow. This episode quite literally changes all of that flow. It calls into question the legitimacy of those FlashForwards. It forces the audience to ask if what they saw will actually happen or if in fact it's only causing self-fulfilling prophecy. At the same time of course the movie is slowly adapting a bit into the realm of LOST. Swap FlashForwards for Flashbacks, similar characters in terms of personal conflict and mistrust, it's getting some legs but I'm not sure it's got enough of its own. At the same time it needs more episodes like these, with a good combination of thrills and emotion if it intends on staying popular as its ratings are slowly on the downward decline.

Episode Rating: 7.00/10

Other Shows:
How I Met Your Mother: Quite a few good laughs, the cast were all good, and the Bagpipes bit was pretty funny, but not a great episode. 7.00/10

So You Think You Can Dance: Can't complain about the ones sent home, a shame both were tap dancers, but overall they were definitely the weakest. 6.75/10

Big Bang Theory: Not the most creative episode, put a geek in a room with jocks watching football, but I didn't laugh nearly as much as I would have liked. 6.75/10

Castle: Quality entertainment from a show that is very consistent from episode to episode, if only they'd open it up a little more, really get into the characters it could be great. 6.75/10

That wraps it up for this week. If you got a show you want to talk about comment away!

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I don't watch "So You Think You Can Dance", but my parents do and for some reason out here in California they completely removed the show from TV and put baseball on instead. That's FOX, it's strange that they wouldn't do that back East, not a smart move for people who are following the show, when you take it off in the beginning of the season and then bring it back and the show's a month and a half in.

Univarn said...

@MVP Hmmm they showed the Baseball playoffs here on FOX. On days the World Series didn't play they'd have So You Think You Can Dance. It's hopped around the schedule a lot so maybe they missed it? Though I'm not sure if all the California teams in the playoffs may have had some affect.

thistimeitwillbedifferent said...

I'm watching Flashforward over here but you must be slightly ahead (episode 7 airs here on Monday) so I had to skip over your review after I read the first line or two! I'd definitely be interested in hearing what you think about it although I would also have to remember to go back to your post on a Monday!

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