Friday, November 6, 2009

Zilla Awesomeness

After countless exercises in studying, evaluation, and criticism I've come up with one universal truth: every word in the english language is instantly made awesome if you add -zilla to the end of it. This is especially true of names.

Think about it: Ryanzilla. Sounds awesome right? Onomatopoeiazilla. Still awesome? Camelzilla. Orangezilla. Hyperbolezilla. Leprachaunzilla! Come on!!! This so explains why Godzilla is the single most awesome monster name of all time. Try it with your own name I guarantee you'll instantly think your name is 10 times as awesome. There's no denying it, every word is just made better (within reason of course, certain words will never be awesome). Go on try it, pick your favorite words and just add zilla to the end of it. It works every time. Oh, and if you don't like it, well why do you hate yourself so much? Really, I just started doing this with words 30 minutes ago and I can't stop... yes I understand it's a Friday night, I have a lot of alone time :P.

Go ahead!! What are you waiting for???

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