Friday, November 27, 2009

Criminal Filmmakers: Paul W.S. Anderson

Hello everyone, Inspector Ryan here (smoking pipe, top hat, magnifying glass, and all) ready to once again shine the light on a criminal of the cinematic world. Last time out we looked the infamous duo known only as The Wibberlys, and their horrible attempts at family films. This time I fear we have a far worse criminal on our hands. Not only did this individual marry Milla Jovovich, he's created some of the most awful films ever to disgrace the screen.

Case #2:

Criminal: Paul W.S. Anderson
Occupation: Director/Producer/Writer
Crimes: 14 years of crimes against cinema, and the hijacking of names of quality directors!
Evidence A: His name closely resembles that of Wes Anderson, and Paul Thomas Anderson.
Evidence B:
Pandorum (producer)
Death Race (director/producer/writer)
Resident Evil: Extinction (producer/writer)
The Dark (producer)
Alien vs. Predator (director/writer)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (writer/producer)
DOA: Dead or Alive (producer)
Resident Evil (director/writer/producer)
Soldier (director)
Mortal Kombat (director)
Shopping (director/writer)

Remember, you're the jury, is the man innocent or guilty? Make your claim!

2 better thoughts:

Brian said...

Definitely guilty. "Event Horizon" is underrated and perhaps if that didn't get killed critically everything would have gone differently for the guy. But the rest of his stuff is barely a step up from "straight to DVD" crap.

DEZMOND said...

"DOA Dead or Alive" was an excellent and highly entertaining movie in its genre. And plus it was a visual treat. And plus it starred Serbian beauty Holly Valance :) And plus W.S.Anderson has married another Serbian beauty Milla Jovovich, so you really can't be harsh on him :))

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