Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Bit of Thanks and a Whole Lot of Love

I know this is my second post not movie related today, don't worry I'll get back there tomorrow.

There's a funny thing about blogging. Something most people who judge it from a distance seem to miss I notice. Despite having never met one of my readers, so many of them I feel like I know very well. Like good friends that are always down the street when you need someone to talk to, to care about. To the entertainment public we're represented by fat guys in their moms basement, and perez hilton (god help us all). Yet there's so much more too it than that, it would be nearly a crime to minimalize it so.

So tonight as I sat around thinking of all the things I am grateful for it occurred to me, when it comes down to it I have very little not to be grateful for. I have great parents who are always there to support me. A great extended family, all huge Yahtzee lovers (official family game), who are willing to make the long travel across the country to see us and spend holidays with us. I've never really wanted for anything so much I felt deprived. I never had to worry about many of the issues that really plague people across the country every day. Sure I've had my personal struggles, still do, but even then it's always been bearable.

I'm even grateful for CommonSense (aka TheAnswerMVP) and the other Tomatoers who came over here and got me into the general blogging scene. Though right now I have to say I'm exceptionally grateful to all of you. When I quit RT I thought my movie blogging days where numbered. 5 years was a lot of memory to toss away with few people to follow, and less to know about where I'm going to end up. I started this blog with two goals in mind:

1. Always say what I feel about a film
2. Always entertain, and respect, the reader.

I hope that over these past few months I've managed to accomplish that, regardless of whether or not you're a constant reader, or just one who does so when he has the time. Life can be hard at times, and it's always nice to know I can come home, ramble on about war movies, comedies, top 100s, godzilla and king kong, and still have people willing to ramble back. I've got no illusions of grandeur, I'd take 1 great reader over any number of disgruntled ones every day. Right now I'm blessed with an incalculable amount of great readers, bloggers, and commenters to discuss films with every day. Makes each one feel a little bit more special, a little bit more fun, and a little more complete.

So to all of you who have spent these past few weeks gracing me with your every presence, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And fully wish to spend many more months debating (*cough cough*) with you the merits, and flaws, of countless numbers of films!

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Alfindeol said...

Leaving RT was hard, but I think it was probably the best decision any of us could have made. I just wish some more people would join us in the blogging world.

Marcy said...

I love the film blogging world too. It's a comfy place to be.

I loved reading this heartfelt entry. I'm glad there are bloggers who feel the same.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Leaving RT was easy for me, because they allowed the blog aspect of the site to go downhill for so many years they made anything else that at least worked and didn't take 5 minutes to load beautiful.

I never asked for much, but when they never fixed the basic problems that had riddled the journal section and it felt like I was back on free Netzero dial up every-time I tried to get on I said enough was enough!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Nicely written.

What is it with all you American bloggers making me get all lachrymose and such today? I did not know this is what Thanksgiving was about.

DEZMOND said...

has anyone got a paper tissue??? :)

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