Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things That Make Your Head Explode #1

So, let's be honest, in the realm of film there's some things, that upon being heard your brain begins a spontaneous countdown to explosion in its attempt to process the sheer stupidity of what was just said. I intend to fully honor those occurrences in a randomly posted series (basically whenever I hear something like this), called Things That Make Your Head Explode. This one happened to me at about this time last year, after I accidentally got myself caught in a debate with a friend of mine whose film tastes are far more mainstream:

"Quarantine is the most original film I've seen in years."


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Lemmy Caution said...


Uninspired remake of a genuinely well done horror flick.

Tell the friend to stick to Micheal Bay movies.

Fletch said...

To borrow from a recent Hatter post, "I've never seen this, but..."

No, just kidding. I've really not seen it, and don't have much of any pre-conceived notions, so I'll just silently assume that it's an idiotic thing to say and movie one. Unless, you're going by the sheer irony of calling a straight-up remake "original" - that's just plain funny.

Univarn said...

@Lemmy I would, but he doesn't like Michael Bay... it's far worse I fear: He's a Paul W.S. Anderson film kind of guy.

@Fletch Yep that's what I was going with... the words "Remake of [Rec]" in the title sequence didn't clue him in, though he's seen the film 5+ times.

Rae Kasey said...

Got one for ya: When I was telling my mother how animated films had a better shot at a Best Picture nod with ten spots, she responded, "How can it be Best Picture without acting?"

It was disturbing. I'd argue that voice acting IS acting, and no, you don't need the physical presence of actors to have a great film. WALL-E wiped the floor with most everything else I saw last year.

Univarn said...

@Rae thanks for the post. I'm pretty sure Beauty and the Beast is the only animated film in History to win Best Picture. I wonder though, if an animated film gets a Best Picture nomination can it still be nominated for Best Animated feature? My concern there is that a film might split votes and lose (as happens when films get 3-4 best song nods)

Fletch said...

Beauty and the Beast didn't win; it is, however, the only animated flick to have been nominated for Best Pic.

My guess is that the Academy will only let a film submit for either Best Animated or Best Pic (ditto Foreign films). Could be wrong, but I'd imagine that's how they solve that conundrum.

Univarn said...

@Fletch Oops! In my head I wrote nominated but apparently my fingers were going for the win :). I have to admit though that I highly disagree with that if that's the way they go. I understand the fear of splitting votes, but a film can be both Best film and best animated for or the best animated film and the 2nd best film. Same goes for foreign films.

I think that way gives undo awards to films that really don't deserve it (and in some cases might inspire them to do more!).

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