Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going a Ways off Topic

Sorry for going off subject here, I know nobody reads my journal caring even the slightest bit about sports, but I would be remiss if I left out certain events of my life, on a blog I keep for those who want to discuss things with me. Today I had the opportunity to go to the Duke vs. NC State game at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC. Being from Wake Forest (just north or Raleigh) originally, it's almost impossible to live here and not get caught up in the 3-way sports rivalry (Duke vs. NC State vs. UNC). I openly admit I'm a lifetime Duke fan, and getting the chance to watch our football team (which is legendarily awful) win against NC State (whose fans couldn't have been nicer/more of a sport - #1 reason I love NC thing), 49-28, was a thrill of a lifetime. It's been about 7 years since I last got to see Duke in action in College Football, so I was really excited for the experience.

So, yeah that's why I was gone all day but I know you all didn't miss me :P. I am working on my Monday Corner so you all should have that to look forward too. I'm trying to convince the people around me to check out Zombieland on Monday so I'm hopping to have that review (yay for Fall Break). Also I'll probably whip up another top 100 films review here in a little bit, and Tuesday shall be a bit of a film marathon for me if I can get away with it!

Also, last week marked my 2 month anniversary *sniff sniff* I said I wouldn't cry! It's been so much fun so far, and I've felt so humbled and proud to have met so many nice people here, so thanks for every moment of support you offer! Now, off to my secret layer (porn websites) to do research (don't ask) and put together another top 100 films review (maybe)!

3 better thoughts:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

It seems way longer than 2 months.

Univarn said...

October - August = 2 months :). Though I hope you mean that as a compliment and not as reading my journal feels like it takes an eternity :P.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

As soon as I wrote I thought you'd think that. Yes, it's a compliment.

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