Friday, October 9, 2009

Week in TV Wrapup 10/5/2009

House, Season 6 - Episode 3: The Tyrant

House returns to work for Foreman as an unofficial aide while a violent dictator (guest star: James Earl Jones) has been spitting up blood. Once again teaming up with Chase and Cameron, moral issues lie heavy on the crew, as they decide whether or not to help him is the best thing.

An absolutely great episode of House, all the way through. Hugh Laurie reminds us once again he's a master of comedy, and that's what kick started his career as House goes a little bit goofy with his new, nicer (kind of), personality. Jones is great as the personable dictator with an eye for people, and yet subtly violent. This time around the Thirteen/Foreman dynamic is more interesting, with Foreman struggling to figure out what he did wrong at the end of the prior episode (not too good with relationships I'd say). Meanwhile, Chase+Cameron are the complex moral center of the episode, ultimately forced to a decision that may change their fate forever!

Episode Rating: 8.50/10

Bones, Season 5 - Episode 4: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

When a body is found in the grill during a suburban pig-pickin', B&B are called in to investigate. Things get complicated as neighborhood secrets, infidelities, and absurd arguments begin to arise. Meanwhile Booth must deal with Parker's growing interesting in his sex life, and Cam discovers a shocking fact about their intern Arastoo Vaziri.

One of things I love most about Bones is the smile it puts on my face every time I watch it. Bones ever growing personal skills, constant avoidance of them, and amusing quirks just combines laughter and fun for me throughout. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is a highlight of all that makes Bones such a good show, regardless of people's opinions to it. It's quirky, dark humor, off the cuff, yet refreshingly formulaic, to a point where you just can't help but whip out a smile every time it comes on. The Sweets vs. Bones, Psychology vs. Anthropology debate continues, and is amplified rather heavily in this episode, as the two battle over whose more attune to analyzing the suburban lifestyle.

I have to admit, even I didn't see the ending coming, and as such I enjoyed the episode that much more.

Episode Rating: 8.00/10

Fringe, Season 2 - Episode 4: Momentum Deferred

After another attack from the Shapeshifters occurs, this time as they hijack a Crygenics lab full of heads, the Fringe unit is called in to investigate. In the hope of regaining her memories, Walter asks Olivia to drink a bottle of worms (don't ask), and soon she begins to have flashbacks to her brief encounter with the infamous William Bell (guest star Leonard Nimoy). But as she gets closer and closer to her memory, the shape shifter Charlie must get closer and closer to killing her off.

An exciting episode, riddled with character backstory, new plot developments, and new questions to be answered, Fringe is one of the most exciting shows people just aren't watching. This episode was especially good considering it had the Nimoy conversation in full, and better yet Walter as he reconnects with an old fling/ experiment patient. Walter's social awkwardness is just hilarious in this episode, and it's even better considering we get a momentary look at maybe Peter isn't who he thinks he is (something hinted at in last season's finale). Just a lot of fun all around, a definite must for fans of the series.

Episode Rating: 8.25/10

Other Shows:
Big Bang Theory: A solid entry as Leonard and Penny's relationship begins to blossom, and of course the obvious Sheldon trouble that would ensue - 7.25/10

Castle: I love all shows involving Nathan Fillion, and Castle is no exception. A solid crime busting episode with lots of commentary on the violent nature of the world of Modeling - 6.75/10

How I Met Your Mother: Some awesome NPH moments, and a few great laughs, but the final 5 minutes really take the cake - 7.80/10

Two and a Half Men: Much better than last weeks episode, with some great over the top moments - 6.25/10

South Park: Michael Jackson comes back to life, leaving all the other dead celebrities stuck in purgatory... oh it's so offensive... but oh so good - 7.75/10

All done.

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Time for another CW moment, which I know you love. I'm ashamed to say I'm actually enjoying The Vampire Diaries, it started off a little slow but I had DVR'd the last couple episodes and watched them back to back and I'm kind of hooked...

Other than at I'm still a little underwhelmed by everything else, even Big Bang Theory doesn't seem to be as funny as it has been, but I am looking forward to the Wil Wheaton episode. Also hoping NBC cancels a few more of their shows (they just canceled Southland, hurray!) that way Chuck will have a better chance of getting a full season.

Univarn said...

@CommonSense you're not alone in that hope. It seems as if shows like Heroes and Chuck will survive out of NBC's pure inability to get anything else to work.

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