Friday, October 2, 2009

Obligatory Movie Weekend Post #3

Yes, it's time once again for me to put in my two cents on the films opening this weekend that you're probably going to see regardless of anything I say. Knowing that I shall once again go with the post you love to not read the most, The Obligatory Movie Weekend!

(in case this is your first time checking out my journal... yeah I don't know either) -

Zombieland - Ah yes, the zombie comedy... the zomcom. Perhaps this would have been better if they just called it Shaun of the Dead 2: Younger, American, and Woody *beeping* Harrelson.

Whip It - Alright, I'll admit it I was really hoping Drew Barrymore was making an S&M movie... but alas it's a coming of age story starring the lovely Ellen Page.

Capitalism: A Love Story - Soon to be followed by, Capitalism: The Musical & Capitalism On Ice!

A Serious Man - Don't you just wish half way through this film the Joker would hop in and yell "Why so serious!?"... just me? oh well... I can still dream.

The Invention of Lying - Yeah... this movie comes out too this weekend, must be hard being the least anticipated film of the weekend.

Absurd Prediction of the Week:
Ricky Gervais will turn into a cyborg, destroying Tina Fey's Emmys, and replacing them with pictures of Eddie Murphy.

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Woody Harrelson > Shawn of the Dead

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