Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Week in TV 9/28

Was a pretty good week for TV, here's a review/recap for each of my favorite, essential shows this week:

BONES: The Plain in the Prodigy - Season 5, Episode 3

B&B are called in to investigate when the bones of a teenager are found scattered along train tracks. Soon the crime fighting duo find out the boy is in fact Amish, and a piano prodigy seeking a life outside his raised religion.

I really enjoyed this conversation, great side stories, fun use of the main characters, and a sex talk by Cam that put me on the floor laughing. This episode also introduced the new Michelle, Cam's adopted step-daughter, who is at the center of Cam's troubles. Meanwhile Clark is back, and is sent to the train tracks to work by Brennan, who fails to understand his anger... and subtle slavery jokes. Once again Sweets comes in way underused, thrown in a couple of times for comedic relief but he seems to be stuck in used at leisure, even though he was one of the most underused and fascinating backstories.

Episode Rating: 9.25/10

House: Epic Fail, Season 6 - Episode 2

Following his release from the insane asylum, House quits his job in favor of a new lifestyle. As he struggles to cope, he picks up cooking with Wilson as a hobby. Meanwhile Foreman steps up and requests a shot at House's job, and to run the department. Unfortunately for him, Taub quits without House, and he and Thirteen struggle to work together as boss-employee relationship amidst a very difficult patient.

Last week House put together one of the best episodes I've ever seen on TV, truly emotionally groundbreaking. That's a lot to live up too, and with the core series characters coming back into play, the show took a step back. The episode is very Foreman/Thirteen centric, which isn't always a bad thing, but they're not strong enough as a duo to maintain an entire episode. House meanwhile is hilarious as he grows into a cooking addiction, staying up all night to create maniacal food of amazing taste. Alas this doesn't help cure his mental issues, and he begins to fall back into his drug habits. This does lead him to seek out the assistance of Dr. Nolan, and I'm all for as many Andre Braugher guest appearances as humanly possible.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Fringe: Fracture, Season 2 - Episode 3

When a man blows up in a train station, the Fringe crew are called in to figure out what is going on. With military links, a little bit of the past of Peter is revealed, as the crew must investigate the Iraq war. At the same time, Olivia continues to see bowling lane worker, Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan), who seeks to help her recover her lost memory.

This was definitely an intriguing episode of Fringe. The usual great storyline, and character developments, it's quite obvious though this episode is more of a season kick-starter than a stand alone episode. At the same time I do fear Fringe is going to fall into the Lost hole (as much as I love Lost) of creating too many story arcs for it to solve in a relative time manner. At the same time Fringe is struggling to maintain ratings, so I fear it may not last after this season. Either way, I love the characters of this series. Walter continues to be awesome, Peter's mysterious nature grows ever more, and we are able to dwelve just a little bit more into the psyche of Olivia.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

Other Shows:
Two and a Half Men: Meh, entertaining but offers little more than that - 5.75/10
Big Bang Theory: Any episode that can get you to laugh at the hunt for a cricket wins my vote - 7.75/10
Lie to Me: Tim Roth = Awesome, Episode = Well written and fun, Rating = 7.75/10

I missed a lot of shows this week due to Exams, hope to catch up some on the weekend, but I still have an exam next Wednesday so we'll see how that goes. Till then.

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Every time I see David Boreanaz I miss Buffy. And every time I see him i remember I hated him on Buffy.

DEZMOND said...

were the exams successful, Ryan? :)

BONES is quite popular in Serbia as well (but is broadcast every night, not just once a week) , but I can't say I watch it, I just don't see anything interesting in all those crime/police/forensic shows.

Univarn said...

I did alright Dez thanks for asking.

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