Monday, October 19, 2009

The Monday Corner 10/19/2009

I've decided with this week's entry to drop the LiE update section, I usually don't have much to say there other than plugging something you probably have read already if you're following my blog. If you got any ideas for a new section here let me know ;).

For your Consideration:
Some great stuff this week everyone, really quality posts... give yourself a pat on the back ;).

Mad took the plunge! Whether this plunge is off a cliff or into marriage I'm not entirely sure, though I think his blog gives away the answer (so uncreative).
In honor of this he's posted his all time favorite wedding scenes from film. And because it's his wedding week thingy, post whatever, I'll also link you to his linking post which contains some great ones (even though he didn't put any links of my sexiness, boooooooooo, hehe just kidding Mad, congrats!).
Though Mad I do have to say if this is your honeymoon week and you're reading my blog you need to rethink your life :P.

Bada Bing! Movie Reviews looks at the Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler thriller, Law Abiding Citizen, and comes to the same conclusion many have, it's just not that good.

With the LAMB look at the work of Billy Wilder, Big Mike's Movie Blog tackles his classic Nazi escape thriller, Stalag 17.

Fletch over at Blog Cabins takes a look at the year's biggest surprise hit, Paranormal Activity.

Cinema Viewfinder takes an in depth look at the Coen brothers' latest comedy, A Serious Man.

Encore Entertainment counts down the all time greatest best actor nominees, what are your favorites?

filmgeek over at Final Cut went for the triple play this week looking at female filmmakers: Debuts, the year 2009, and their Oscar contenders

Poll Update:
WAHOO! PEOPLE VOTED! *cries* I'm *sniff sniff* sooooooo HAPPY. Did I oversell it? I did didn't I? ugh... now I'll get 2 votes this week. :(

Poll Results: Favorite Audrey Hepburn Best Actress Oscar Nominated film?
1) Breakfast at Tiffany's (6 votes)
2) tie. Sabrina & Roman Holiday (2 votes)
3) tie. The Nun's Story & I'm a horrible person and have never seen one of these films (1 vote)
5) Wait Until Dark (0 votes)

This week's question: In honor of the LAMB's Look at Billy Wilder, what is your favorite Billy Wilder+Jack Lemmon pairing?
*Note: if you've only seen one then by default that's your favorite. If you've seen none of them, you should be very very ashamed.

Random Stuff
- My Twilight bashing post inspired my little sister to leave this message on facebook: "have I told you lately that I love you? Maybe I'll actually buy you an x-mas present this year" you know, in life it's the little things... granted now reading that again I have that song stuck in my head. DARN YOU SISTER DARN YOU!!!!! You win this time... but I shall be avenged!

- Do you love the new banner? The afore mentioned sister is the one who made it, you should post nice things about it... or else I shall smite thee!

- I'm wondering, which do you think is worse in action movies. Never reloading, or reloading only a random times for dramatic purposes?

- Is it sad that I spend every day hoping for a situation to occur where I can just yell out KHAAAAAAAAN and not seem weird?

- Really, who cares that Stephanie Pratt was arrested for a DUI? Who are these people who care!? My theory: it's media forced fame.

So, that's all she wrote for this week's Monday Corner. Don't forget, your feedback is important!

6 better thoughts:

Rae Kasey said...

Never reloading, definitely. And then of course running out of ammo at the worst possible moment for maximum dramatic tension!

I voted! Some Like It Hot is one of the best comedies ever made. :)

The Mad Hatter said...

Wow - I'm headline news!

Indeed it is my honeymoon week. And while I'm not commenting or writing these days, it doesn't mean I can't read. So thanks so much for the love, and keep up the good work.

Thanks again pal - I'll b sure to do a blitz of back-reading on your stuff when Missus Hatter and I get back from wherever we're going...we're headed to book something last minute this afternoon :)

Fletch said...

So, you're just waiting for the 3-month limit to be over to join the LAMB, right?

Univarn said...

@Rae I concur, the double whammy is pretty harsh :). Though I'm a The Apartment person :P.

@Mad of course you're headline news... I just feel guilty, it's my job to pester you :P.

@Fletch that I am, though it doesn't mean I can't peak in everyone once in a while :P.

Fletch said...

"though it doesn't mean I can't peak in everyone once in a while"

God, of course not. Peek away! In fact, I'm thinking that if you want in early, I'm more than willing to make an exception for you. I don't think you're going anywhere, and you'd make a great addition.

Univarn said...

@Fletch thanks for that awesome offer, though I've got just over 2 weeks left, won't kill me to wait it out. I'm good with waiting my turn ;). Besides, you never know... I could turn around right now and meet the women of my dreams and run away to the Bahamas... *turns around* Damn, hmmm I'll try again tomorrow :)

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