Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Sell the Dead (2009)


Hours before he is to be beheaded, Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) recounts his life story to one Father Duffy (Ron Perlman). He discusses his life as a grave robber, his run ins with vampires, zombies, and aliens, and the ill fated island fight against rival Murphy Group.

This is normally not a film I'd bother checking out much. Straight to DVD Irish comedy, but it had Perlman and Monaghan in it, so I figured it was at least worth a look. Despite some rave reviews on IMDB I don't really see the appeal here. It's a screwball comedy, of the Brooks sort, that's never really as funny as it should be, and always feels underproduced. There's nothing really scary about the movie, I don't recall even thinking about jumping once. Then the dark humor, while there, always feels as if McQuaid assumed if he put the cast in funny situations the laughs would just roll out... and I just didn't really laugh much.

A few chuckles here and there perhaps, but I'd argue comedy, especially dark comedy, is among the hardest of genres to review as taste is so insanely wide spread. The characters aren't really likable, and are your basic cliche screw ups who hit it big with one idea. McQuaid's adaptation of his 2005 short film makes you question if the movie wouldn't have been more entertaining in better hands. McQuaid combines a lot of great visuals to make scenes work, but he doesn't possess the talent to bring it all together, to make it mesh, and as such the comedy is just way too hard to get into. Luckily though the films run time is incredibly short, it breezes on through, and I can't really say it's a "bad" film. Perhaps it's best said if you're into low budget indie horror comedies of the Undead variety you'll find yourself well pleased... if not, save yourself the money.

Despite a great cast and a funny concept, McQuaid can't find a coherent footing for the jokes to roll off of, instead trying to force humor by situations alone.

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