Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dead Snow (2009)


A group of med students on ski vacation, head up to an old cabin in the middle of the mountains for a short getaway. Though their trip is soon turned inside out when a group of nazi zombies begin to attack.

Dead Snow is another of many modern horror films high on concept, low on execution, and teetering on nothingness. Horror fans will find solace in the film's great final action sequence, and series of crazed gore, but the Dead Snow is a true case of the parts being greater than their sum. As characters they couldn't be more generic: the tough one, the smart one, the geeky one, the horny one - guys taken care of. For girls you have the slutty one, the always scared one, and the strong supportive girlfriend - check again. Then of course you have the film's bread and butter, the concept behind it all, the nazi zombies! People who loved films like Black Sheep which survive solely on the strength of their concept will probably love the idea here, heck I checked it out solely for it. Alas, much like Black Sheep, Dead Snow is a film that's far too concerned with trying to be scary and mainstream, all the while making fun of it, and forgets that's it easier to just be scary, mainstream, and funny.

Certain scenes in the film stand out as unnecessarily disturbing, and a tad gross, and I'm not talking about the zombies even... Once the zombie's arrive the movie turns into a blood bath with a rather disturbing fascination with intestines, about 4-5 scenes involve their apparent various uses. Yet, at the same time, the movie does have a few good laughs, but it's definitely there for the more sick humored individuals. The film benefits from trying to escape the norm by altering some of the more classic zombie characteristics. In this film the zombies organize, plan, attack, and maneuver their way, and as such it adds quite a bit to the intensity of the film.

But of course anyone who watches the film will probably point towards the movie's finale as its main hitting point. Filled with gore, body parts flying everywhere, and a machine gun laden snowmobile (see above photo), it's got everything a horror buff would want. Though this scene only works because the actors, for all the lack of their characters, draw us in to the action. I think even the writers understand if we spent too much time away from the action we'd realize the characters are incredibly weak, and we really could care less about them (a few of them are rather sick). So ultimately Dead Snow becomes a film you watch because you want to see nazi zombies, and because you want lots of action... all concept and action, reminds me too much of modern films.

Despite a great concept and a few over the top action sequences, Dead Snow is worth a view for action and gore fans, but isn't fluid enough to offer anything outside of that.

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