Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Amelia: Getting An October Dump?

Maybe I'm in the wrong market but it wasn't until yesterday that I even found out that Amelia, the highly taped made for an oscar and little else, biopic was being released this weekend. I've seen 0 commercials on TV, and I watch a crapload of TV... so something must be up with this film that they're hardly trying to get it out there and sell it. I like Swank, Gere is usually fun, and McGregor is always entertaining on screen... yet I can't find much in the way of publicity for the film. The film also has been dragging its feet holding only a 30% on RottenTomatoes for the first 10 reviews (which are seldom off by more than 20% which doesn't bode well).

I suppose only time will tell :S.

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Fletch said...

Yea, I noticed the same thing. Here I thought this was supposed to be Oscar bait and it got a pre-November release? Dios mio!

My parents went and saw it. They said Swank was good but that they didn't really care for the flick.

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