Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Heart Adrien Brody: Detachment Trailer

I feel no shame in admitting that out of many of the working actors, Adrien Brody is the one I find most oddly captivating and yet at the same time off putting. I blame that on the one-two punch of The Pianist followed by those annoying floating bubble, hip hop, Coca-Cola ads from all those years ago. That's right people, the Uni never forgets! (besides, I'm totally a Pepsi guy)

However, the trailer for what looks like to be Brody's first high quality film + role in quite a few years. Not to mention an Isiah Whitlock Jr. sighting! (Oh and that whole Bryan "I'm going to be appearing for two minutes in every film these days just to deprive my fans" Cranston). Of course the movie could turn out to not be much, but if it comes anywhere near what I see as it's emotional sibling film Half-Nelson then we may just have ourselves something well worth the time to talk about.

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Castor said...

Reminds me of Half-Nelson but that's not a bad thing. It seems like Adrien Brody might even give a performance that's deserving of all the quotes in the trailer. It should be worth checking out...

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