Monday, October 31, 2011

The Monday Corner 10/31/2011

Welcome to a Halloween edition of the Monday Corner. An edition so scary you won't even notice you've already called your mother on speed dial begging for help. What makes this post so scary you ask? Well... BOOOOOO! Scared? No? Damn... I'll try harder next time.

Movies Watched This Past Week:

Captain America The First Avenger: The movie benefits greatly from using the Avenger tie in but staying its own beast for a great portion of it. I also like that it's not a slave to the action, and really seems to enjoy having the characters just go out and have good ol' fashion fun. Granted the acting felt a bit flat at times, but Evans is always more charisma than range. Unfortunately there's that ending... which, I hate to say it, is dreadful. If The Avengers film turns out to be less than what many have hoped for then I can safely say they went a long way suck the life out of some potentially awesome films.

Fiddler on the Roof: Alright, technically I've seen this movie before, but I think I was 12 and had no appreciation for what it was trying to do because nothing with kaboom. Now that I'm 24 and am seeing it with fresh eyes I have to say, amazing movie. Really love the characters and the story and how they all intertwine. Especially the opening act, that is just pure cinema perfection.

For Your Consideration:
Opening this week's link fest is a post so scary it features the name Armond White! Yeah, now you're shaking in your boots.

Duke and the Movies dives into the tricky territory of what exactly defines film criticism, and how the professional and amateur worlds are constantly becoming more entangled. When your comments are equal to the prose of the post you've written, you know you've done something right - good post Sam.

In honor of the frightful Halloween tradition, Defiant Success has been burning through a plethora of horror and thriller mainstays, along with a few relative newcomers. Be sure you head on over and check it out for all the scary goodness!

Encore Entertainment navigates the world of abusive relationships as he weighs his male perspective of the classic Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire, against the female perspective of his fellow classmates.

While American audiences continue to chomp at the bit over news for Spielberg's upcoming motion capture adventure in The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and Film Intel is johnny on the spot with this early review.

What exactly is the 'role' of a director? We all have vague ideas about what exactly they do, but few of us have sat through the entire mental process and placed them within the context of the entire film making collective. Kid in the Front Row does exactly that with his post on what makes a good director.

Poll Update:
Wahoo for few ties this week, I was beginning to worry you all had gone soft on me.

Poll Results: Do You Like Scary Movies?
1. 5 votes: I like them from time to time (fair enough, I think they're a seasonal endeavor)
2. 4 votes: A couple, but not many (this might be more towards my leaning, I appreciate more than I like)
3. (tie) 2 votes: Only the Classics (who can deny the power of Karloff/Lugosi?) and Too scared to watch scary movies (If you play disco in the background, I bet that'd help cure it)
4. 1 vote: Only the cheesy B-horror movies (one of these days I'd like to tackle a few of these but not today)

Soundtrack of the Week:
Seriously what other score can you possibly post about on Halloween, other than the score to Halloween itself!

BOOO! Still no? Fine, have a happy Halloween!

3 better thoughts:

Quote of the Month said...

Its always good be get new and updated movie reviews as it is one of the most important part of our life, entertainment and fashion.Wether it to be a movie or a comedy all have its different place and importance.

Aziza said...

I loved the Monday Corner- reviews, blog love and soundtrack!Hope you do that every Monday from now one, it'a great feature!

Duke said...

Thank you for the link love Ryan.

Sorry I've been a bit absent around Equinox lately, been more busy than usual.

Keep up the good work man.

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