Friday, September 23, 2011

The Movie Picture Code #9

And so we're back! Restocked and ready to rock.... or something like that. On second thought, nothing like that at all. Well folks we're entering week nine and I'd just like to thank everybody whose been taking part in this crazy idea of mine so far! If you haven't caught on yet, or are still trying to get into the flow - fear not. I'm sure with time, aptittude, and the strategic removal of a few key competitors you can be on the winning wagon in no time!


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Colin, Jake, Kano - 4
Jason - 3
Jess, Mad Hatter, Yojimbo_5 - 2
Nikhat, Red - 1

Outside the Box:
Colin, Jake, Kano - 2
Jason, Liam Underwood, Never Too Early MP - 1

9 better thoughts:

Anonymous said...

#1- Iron Giant?

Univarn said...

@John Bingo!

Anonymous said...

I believe the out of the box is Seven, because each character represents the seven deadly sins.

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

FUCK! I think James is right. Damn, that's clever.

Univarn said...

@James Good job!

@Sebastian I was curious if that one would be a hard one to pick up or if the 7 photos shtick would give it away instantly.

Will said...

Jeez, and just when I found out the last one I had to refresh the page and see that Se7en's already answered.

Brilliant out-of-the-box! :)

Anonymous said...

Is #2 Green Street Hooligans?

Colin said...

First, I demand a recount. I got three of the last four right, but you haven't updated the scoreboard! *pouting*

Second, number 3 is Police Academy. :-)

Colin @ picknmixflix

Univarn said...

@Will I know how you feel - happens to me with just about everyone else's game! Thanks for the compliment.

@John Correctamundo!

@Colin First, sorry about that - took too long putting the outside the box together and had to rush the scoreboard. Will update asap.

Second, that's right.

And with that, that's all for this week. Thanks everybody who stopped by to play!

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