Monday, September 26, 2011

The Monday Corner 9/26/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Bridemaids - More on this one later, but for now I'd like to say: there are a handful of critics I can think of who have done this film quite a disservice in their representation of it.

For Your Consideration:

There's no denying that I love me some Pete Postlethwaite - aka former King of the misspelt last name - and as such I really dug this writeup from Big Thoughts From a Small Mind; reflecting on his illustrious, if not at times frustrating, career!

What are the worst movies you've ever watched? Are they ones certain collectives hold in high regard, or are they your standard much maligned affair? Either way, Alex J Cavanaugh is diving through some of an assortment of awfulness as he and his loyal legion of followers took part in The Worst Movie Ever blogathon.

Fashion in film is a tricky thing. Go too far to the chic and risk your characters being laughed at. Go too far to the plain and risk your characters not being taken seriously. It's a surprisingly interesting subject, which Defiant Success tackles by looking at key examples from key decades in Hollywood history. All part of The Hollywood Revue's Fashion in Film Blogathon.

There's nothing quite as bad as a great villain being trapped in a sordid film. Or at least a villain with aspirations of greatness being held back by one. Such was the road traversed by Kai in this past week's list installment over at Man, I Love Films. . Of course, the lack of a Mr. Freeze mention - with his killer lines like "freeze" - is an obvious oversight on Kai's part.

Now, normally I avoid posting to reviews of films here because, well, after a while they can get a bit samey. That said, one review last week really caught my eye; and not in a way you might expect. It is said of certain movies that "you just had to be there." But I never considered This is Spinal Tap to be one of those. This review by Duke and The Movies has me reconsidering that stance.

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
Don't ask how, but this past week I was reminded just how awesome the soundtrack to the original Pinocchio film is.

Have a great Monday everybody!

2 better thoughts:

Duke said...

Thanks for the mention Ryan.

My father said to me "Sam, you had live through the 80's to understand it".

Thing is, I'm rather music literate ... I understood the drummer bits and other 80's events.

The film lacks consistent laughter and is far too obnoxious (I understand that's the "LOUDEST BAND" in the worlds point) ... just didn't amuse me.

Still, at least we'll always have Stoneage.

CS said...

Thanks for the link love! Greatly appreciated.

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