Friday, September 9, 2011

The Movie Picture Code #8

Do you possess the skill, the insight, the perceptive capabilities to crack the movie picture code? Below you'll find the names of three films, though don't be surprised if they are not in the form you would imagine. Nope, they are masked by a sequence of pictures whose representations may define, imply, or merely phonetically resemble the title they are meant to create. Your job is to crack the code. To uncover the name, and boast about your superior astute capabilities.

Let's Begin!

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Jake (4), Kano - 4
Jason - 3
Jess, Mad Hatter, Yojimbo_5 - 2
Colin, Nikhat, Red - 1

Outside the Box:
Colin, Jake - 2
Jason, Kano, Liam Underwood - 1

14 better thoughts:

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

1. Hal

OTB: American Pie?

Univarn said...

@NeverTooEarlyMP No to Hal

Yes to American Pie :) Good job!

Will said...

1. Shallow Hal, then?

Univarn said...

@Will Nope

Colin said...

2: 2 mules for sister sara, I think...

Univarn said...

@Colin Yep! Two down. #1 and #3 left to go!

Colin said...

1. Aladdin

Univarn said...

@Colin Bingo!

Only #3 Remaining.

Colin said...

Yeah, I just don't know what the 2nd pic in number 3 is. I know the others, but can't piece 'em together.
Highly frustrating! (I love this game.)

Red said...

#3 is frustrating me on a completely different level because the second and third pictures are pieces of holy ground for me, and yet i still can't solve the puzzle.

Colin said...

3. Paranormal Activity! I still don't know the 2nd pic, but got it with the others..

Univarn said...

@Red I had an inkling you might crack it but it looks like Colin beat you to it.

@Colin Congrats! The 2nd image was intentionally a bit of a misdirect and geek only territory.

For those curious: Minas Anor was the original name of Minas Tirith in the lovable fictional world of Middle Earth :). Hence Pear + Anor + Mal = Paranormal :)

Red said...

Dangit! I kept saying Pear and Mal together, but didn't try saying Mal in a different way.

And I consider myself quite the LoTR geek, and I didn't even know that about Minas Tirith. Good to know!

Alexander said...

You are right, Univarn. I totally agree with you.

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