Monday, September 12, 2011

The Monay Corner 9/12/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Contagion - Nothing quite like an allergy attack right in the middle of a film about a deadly disease sweeping the world. Really gets the crowd around you, and in no way incites suspicious stares.

For your Consideration:

It's roughly that time of the year again (no not that one, the other one) which can mean only one of a few million things. That's right, it's TIFF time! And as usual, I'd like to direct everyone over to my good blogging buddy, Ryan "I Can't Get No Satisfaction With Mad Hatter" McNeil of The Matinee whom I shall be living through over the next couple of weeks as he covers all that the festival has to offer!

The career of a director can be a fickle and complicated series of fine tuning and careful selection. Yet the words every director fears most are "box office bomb." Be sure and check out FlixChatter's look at six directors whose careers have been put on notice since they're surefire hit, dumped down into viewer abyss.

Let's be honest, when we talk about the cult scene what we're really trying to say is "people who spend an inordinate amount of time watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. Surprisingly enough that's not all cult film watchers do! So if you want to know more, head on over to Movie Reviews by Tom Clift and check out his in depth article on the cult scene in Melbourne, Australia!

In an effort to dispel the myth that all remakes are evil, Jim Turnbull over at Anomalous Material tackled the tricky and argumentative task of naming 5 Remakes Better Than the Original. Some part of me secretly kept hoping to see Swept Away there, if for no other reason than to just open my window and hear the screams of bloggers everywhere echo across the land.

How awesome is Jimmy Stewart? So awesome he could turn back time, then travel forward into time, and then back again and still not create any confusing paradoxes! Make sense? No? Well, no fear because Great White Doper over at Mecha-Blog-Zilla tackles the lovable world of Jimmy Stewart in a more succinct, and hilarious manner!

Poll Update:
No soup for you. You split too much. I need clear winners or bust!

Results: How do you feel about 'shaky cam' recovered footage movies?
1. (tie) 5 votes: There's a couple I really dig (I take away your shovel) & Liked them at first but they're not aging well (I think this of Blair Witch Project every day)
2. (tie) 4 votes: Love them to death (you would) & Can't stand them, they're always dark and all a bit samey (I do suppose it depends on the film, but yeah...)

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
Alright, so I'm back on my anime kick. It's bound to happen at least once a year. However writing that article on Shinkai Makoto a couple weeks back reminded me just how awesome anime films music are. Be sure to check out The Place Promised in Our Early Days!

Have a great Monday everybody!

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Ryan McNeil said...

Thanks for the linkage good sir - this has been a fun year for the festival already, and there are still so many highly anticipated films to come!

Castor said...

Thanks for the link to AM Ryan.

ruth said...

Thanks for the link love to my friend's post, Uni, much appreciated.

Univarn said...

@McNeil Good to hear!

@Castor, Ruth You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link, my man! I'm late as always but ever-thankful!


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