Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 8/23/2011

Always look on the bright side of life... especially if you're tied to a cross with a collection of aspiring prophets and vagabonds in desperate need of a sing off. Hey, why isn't any Monty Python DVD getting another release lately? Are the studios behind? I could have sworn they signed a law requiring no less than 92 Monty Python DVD re-releases per year....

New Releases:

Win Win: Of course this is a Win Win. Paul Giamatti and Thomas McCarthy, score! Amy Ryan is in this too? Double-Triple super score! If this movie ends up sucking, Shakespeare himself will come back to life just to write a tragedy about it, of course that's after he does all the basic talk shows and tries to hide the embarrassment that the movie Rome and Jewel exists and it's partially his fault (+1 point for obscure references nobody gets). Back to the movie, I do want this to be good, but I'm not sure it will be. Like most McCarthy films it just kind of got dumped out there by the studio who then hid behind bushes to see if any Oscar traction takes hold. However, Giamatti is kind of becoming the king of the obscure mid-indie Oscar film that doesn't really get any Oscar nominations.

Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: I don't know, this movie seems like it's just a blatant product placement. Not to be confused of course with my upcoming film Doritos Nacho Cheese Presents: The Rise and Fall of Pepsi Man 2 - The Legend of Dunkin' Donuts. It's really a personal film; very much a project I've kept close to my heart for a long time. And now, to be able to bring it to screen in Sony high definition 3D technology at your local Carmike Cinemas, is just very important to me. So I hope, deep down that after having seen it you'll pick up your iPhone 3.14GPi and text "Kayne West" to 129MTV and help save a large corporate machine which markets itself as caring about you right away.

The Beaver: Well Mel Gibson, I can safely say this - the odds of you going back to back RoShamBo champion are now zilch! This year it's all mine! Muhahahahahahaha

TrollHunter: Silly Norwegians, don't they know that you can hire Paul Hogan to come and exterminate all your Trolls for a simple fee of just $92 a year? (he needs the work) The USA has been doing it for years now - it's so the 'hip' thing for countries to do. Look, send me a message and I'll hook you up.

Other Goodies:

Roger Corman's Cult Classics Sword and Sorcery Collection: You know, if you're into that kind of thing.

4 better thoughts:

Ryan McNeil said...

Lookin' forward to finally catching up with WIN WIN - Steve Johnston hasn't shut up about it all summer!

(PS - What's a brother gotta do to get back in your blogroll?)

Castor said...

Looking forward to The Beaver and maybe Win Win. I'm getting the former in the mail tomorrow muahaha.

Duke said...

Check out Pom and Win Win

Both good films.

Univarn said...

@McNeil You're back in the blogroll - I just forgot to update it after I updated my google reader :)

@Castor Not everyday you get to say you got a beaver in the mail? Make good use of it.

@Duke Will do - thanks for the suggestions!

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