Monday, August 22, 2011

The Monday Corner 8/22/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

New Police Story - nothing in common with its predecessors which works in both its favor and against it. The darker storyline comes with some soap opera moments a bit too hammy for their own good, but Chan really delivers on the action and the acting to carry it the whole 2 hours.

Japan's Longest Day - you know, that film I reviewed yesterday that judging by the incredibly low number of votes on IMDB, I now rank as among the five people in the world as having seen it. Score! Actually, that's kind of a shame, it's a damned fine film with a strong love for historical accuracy which I adore.

Cedar Rapids - I can see why people like this movie so much.... but, yeah, it's good, but that's about it really. Always happy to see Anne Heche get work, still a fan.

For your Consideration:

Film Intel is kicking off a week long lead up to the DVD release of Scream 4 with a triple analysis on various motifs of the series. Seriously, a white ghost mask after labor day? Such crimes against fashion ought not be tolerated!

The artist formerly known as Mad Hatter of Dark of the Matinee has built himself a new lovely abode - with a bit of help of course - over at As of this moment I'm debating if ca stands for Canadian or Capricious... only time will tell.

In what may be the most eye grabbing title for a list this year - I'm calling it now - Top 10 Films counts down the "Top 10 Films To Have Driven People to Murder." Take that Smurfs! Sorry, I know there's no real correlation, I just felt it needed to be said and that was the only time I could think of to sneak it in. Moving on....

Elliot Gould is pure awesome, and that's just an established fact. If anyone argues against it, then they're just fighting an immovable force of truth. So when Public Transportation Snob counted down his Top 5 Elliot Gould films, you better believe my ears perked up. In fairness, I just want his hair...

Kaiderman, Kaiderman, loving films every way he can. Kaiderman, Kaiderman, doing lists like no one can. There, now Kai has a new theme song. Get an Asian street performer lady to sing it during on off beat moment in his eventual big screen adaptation and all shall be right with the world. Oh yeah, why the mention? Well as you may know the 100 Things I love about movies list has been making its way around the block, and Kai - over at Man, I Love Films - took on the challenge and came out in fine form.

Poll Update:
Don't forget - voting in one of my polls isn't just for fun and entertainment, it's a civic responsibility (shhhh)

Results: Do You Really Care To See Spy Kids 4 or the Conan Remake?
1. 12 Votes: Neither! Neither! Neither! (and so it would seem most audiences agree)
2. 6 votes: Conan! Conan! Conan! (and so it would seem it was just you 6)
3. 5 votes: Where is my remote at? (under the couch cushion - how many times must I tell you?)
4. (tie) 0 votes: Spy Kids & Both (yeah.... parents did seem to favor the film with by far the worst commercial)

New Poll: With Colombiana - aka the next in a long line of 'hey, it's vaugely like Bourne'  revenge films - coming out this weekend, I want to get a feel for where you guys sit on Revenge Films as a whole.

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
Apparently the line "get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty Roman Officer" was cut from the final theatrical release for Ben Hur. Shame, I think Heston would have been very good at delivering a line kind of like that. Now, if only there was some other film where he could have sneaked that in.

Have a great Monday everybody!

3 better thoughts:

Ryan McNeil said...

Many thanks for the plug good buddy - after working so hard on it for so long, it's really swell to see the site received so positively for the community.

Dan Heaton said...

Thanks for the plug about my Elliott Gould list! I still need to check out more of his earlier movies for sure.

Anonymous said...

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