Monday, August 29, 2011

The Monday Corner 8/29/2011

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Limitless - Ah, nothing quite like two hours of cool trying desperately to outweigh the blatant stench of unlikable characters.

5 Centimeters Per Second - It is appropriate to say each of the film's three episodes, on their own, don't account for much, but as an entire collective it's quite a powerful film.

A Place in the Sun - Gah, Montgomery Clift, Shelly Winters, and Elizabeth Taylor are to die for.

The Troll Hunter - While I appreciate what this film was trying to do, and admire some of what it did, the whole shaky cam 'recovered footage' sub-genre is really dying out to me.

For your Consideration:

Ever looked at the wide collection of infamous directors and ever thought "man, if only I had a nice and easy flowchart to help me weed through the unnecessary ones"? If so, you're in luck! The Droid You're Looking For has organized this lovely Flowchart to directors for your convenience. That said, I find it quite shocking that one answer either way would lead me to Kurosawa or Lars Von Trier... *shivers* never wanting to make that mistake!

I don't say it often enough but I will say it now - this guest post for She Blogged By Night on Yor, the Hunter from the Future by Scott of World O' Crap had me in tears I was laughing so hard. If I never see the movie it'll be fine because I'll always have this post to go back to.

You know, 1964 was one hell of a year for cinema. Becket, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, and Dr. Strangelove (and a movie called Zorba the Greek which I had not heard of but have since been told is pretty good). See AMPAS, that's how a Best Picture category is supposed to look! Thanks to Silver Screening Room for taking the time to give a film by film breakdown of the year!

While the title may put a damper on some who've traversed the same subject matter, Between the Seats is continuing their ever popular 'Definitive Bond Marathon' with 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me. Really hoping the titular spy is Chevy Chase from Spies Like Us. I think he and Moore would have been a dynamite couple.

Are you really into standing in roughly the same place as those actors from that movie you quite enjoy? Well, you're in luck! This week Film Intel tackles the ever popular movie shoot location guide with a look at the London Movie Guide. Let's be honest, the only proper way to go about something like this is to get a full England one and recreate - move by move - the entirety of An American Werewolf in London. If you can get Jenny Agutter to tag alone, it'd be the greatest thing ever.

Poll Update:
Revenge is a dish best served cold, unless it's ice cream. In which case, what the hell are you trying to do getting revenge by ice cream? Brain freeze the person to death? Are you mad? Honestly. The state of revenge seekers these days have really gone down hill.

Results: Revenge films are....
1. 8 votes: Good when unconventional (a.k.a good when they have Bourne in the title)
2. 5 votes: A personal favorite (I like the series but lately it's been a struggle.
3. 2 votes: The best genre, period (you are fully entitled to your opinion *cough*)
4. 1 vote: Seriously, how many husband/wife/brother/sister/son/daughter combinations are there? (I tried to do the math on this but I just didn't have it in me to bother).

New Poll: As I mentioned above in my brief sentence thought on Troll Hunter, the shaky cam genre is really starting to whimper in my book. They're blending together with relatively same ambiguous "did they live, did they die" endings with lots of the same guises circling the narrative. So I want to know, how do you feel about the films? (Keep in mind I'm including everything from Blair Witch to Cloverfield, Rec, Quarantine, etc.)

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
If you weren't sold to check out his work after reading my post yesterday, be sure to check out the soundtrack for 5 Centimeters Per Second! It's quite a beauty.

Have a great Monday everybody!

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Simon said...

What? No link for my half-assed return to semi-regular blogging? Well, I never.

Univarn said...

@Simon Sorry Simon, but it's full-assed return to semi-regular blogging or nothing in my book.

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