Friday, July 1, 2011

Riddle Me This... Entertainment Edition

Sorry folks for not posting yesterday, nor this morning. I was out in the mountains without internet and have since returned to the safe confines of civilization. So, I thought, since I lack the time to perform a post of the depth or detail one comes to expect from my blog(shush, just play along), I thought it a apropos to pose a little entertainment riddle for. Not in the terms as one might find in a Tolkien tale or anything of that stature. It's a rather simple one to be honest, but it might not be the first answer you think of (it's a riddle - go outside the box). But if it plays well, it may spawn more of the same.

Solve the equation:





If nobody guesses the 'correct' answer I'll post in the Monday Corner (with a special note/link to any answers I find particularly creative/amusing).

Good luck!

6 better thoughts:

Alex said...

Oooh wait I know this one... Serious Face McWhiteguy?

ps When you don't post I worry something's happened to you. Is that sad? Am I that reliant on your routine?

Will said...

Man I have no clue, but that silhouette looks like DiCaprio.

MovieNut14 said...

Too easy. Hawkeye.

Aditya said...

Nice one. I think we have the answer, thanks to Mr MovieNuts14.

Andy Buckle said...

Ooh Anna. Very good!

Univarn said...

Congrats to Anna for getting the up front answer, but if you take her answer to the next level of juvenile you might come up with my answer!

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