Monday, June 6, 2011

The Monday Corner 06/06/2011

Some days I just impress myself. Today is not one of those days.

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

X-Men: First Class - James McAvoy should be required by law to wear contacts that tone down the color of his eyes, those things are deadly!

I must admit that this year my numbers have been extremely low. However, all year I've found myself less enthusiastic about movies. Can't explain why, still waiting for something to really excite me and kick-start my movie hunting engine. There's been spurts, but nothing consistent, and I can't make myself sit through the humdrum as well as I normally can.

For your Consideration:
Fifty Percent of the time, I link One-Hundred Percent of the time (yes, I hate myself for that too)

YAM Magazine is entering the home stretch of their LGBT BLOGATHON, be sure you check out all the wonderful posts from some of the blogging communities best!

The long awaited first episode of The Film Locker, featuring maestros of the mic, Mad Hatter and Simon Columb, is finally upon us!

Did you watch the MTV Movie Awards? No worries, that didn't stop Cinematic Paradox from tackling the challenging world of 'OMG RPatz!' from the mind of a regular MTV voter - priceless.

The Muliplex Slut goes counter-programming, delivering the top five books that should never be made into movies.

Kid in the Front Row has issued the challenge - can you come up with a sequel to Shawshank Redemption? I know I couldn't, but I was tempted to try and swing a City Slickers 3 out of the deal... if only.

Poll Update:
Maybe I should actually start watching some of 2011's offerings?

Results: So Far I Would Rate the 2011 Slate...
1. 11 votes: Three Stars (Just you wait until that Twilight film comes along - we'll see how chippy you are with that 3 then!!!!)
2. 6 votes: Two Stars (negative nanceys)
3. 5 votes: Four Stars (seeing sunflowers and rainbows?)
4. 2 votes: Five Stars (I take you haven't seen much this year?)
5. 1 vote (tie): One Star and Zero (that's more I like it - doom and despair, muhahahaha)

New Poll: The early word is mixed on Super 8 - trapped between those who expected all the universe to collapse into its celluloid print and those who believe anything geeks anticipate is instantly evil - but I want to know, how do you feel about J.J. Abrams. The man's helped bring us everything from Star Trek to Armageddon, Forever Young to Gone Fishin'; while eating up the world of television with shows Alias, Felicity, Lost, and Fringe. But do you feel he's truly mint?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week
The entire time I was watching X-Men: First Class I really could not get shake the overwhelming similarity its soundtrack had to this. Seriously, it bugged me the entire time (mostly because I could not connect the sound to the film). Now before you go "ZOMG ZOMG OMG!!! RAWR!" I'm not saying it makes X-Men: First Class a bad movie. My review for that will be up Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy this track from Inception!

Have a great Monday everybody! Uni out.

8 better thoughts:

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

Thank you.

(For the soundtrack you've chosen)

Ruth said...

Oh god...I have been reminded twice today of the latest Twilight film coming out this year...first by the trailer (which made me want to hit things) and now this post (your poll results) which makes me want to die a little inside.....
The only two films I've been really excited to see this year have been Black Swan and the Fighter - 2010 films that had a delayed release in Australia, so I didn't get to see them until January.

Ruth said...

But on that note, I'm actually looking forward to Super 8. I'm hoping it'll give things a lift this year. Don't really watch a lot of J.J Abrams TV, but I loved Star Trek (and I'm a fan of the original series, apparently we're difficult to please? haha)

Multiplex Slut said...

Cheers for the shout there! Seconded props and much lulz to Cinematic Paradox's MTV Awards post too.

Can't comment much on J.J. Abrams. I never saw Lost (was going through a 'Huh, I don't need no TV in my life' phase at the time) and the one film of his I have seen - Cloverfield (I know, he produced) - I didn't enjoy at all.

I am kind-of looking forward to Super 8 though. It just looks like a good, old-fashioned bring-the-whole-family popcorn movie.

Castor said...

I hear you Ryan. Although it feels like I have been seeing a lot of movies lately, my year-to-date tally is really paltry... There is a lot to be seen right now though.

Stevee Taylor said...


Thank you for the link! Don't worry, I am really slack with the 2011 movies. It took me until the end of April to see a 2011 flick (Thor), and other than that, I've only seen The Dilemma, Source Code and X-Men: First Class. There hasn't been anything that has really jumped out at me yet.

Univarn said...

@Lesya Your welcome

@Ruth The worst part about the twilight film is that I can no longer reference something somber but beautiful as being like the 'twilight of day' without people going "did you say Twilight?" and ranting on their vaguely realized opinions of what that means.

@Multiplex No love for Cloverfield? *sad face*

@Castor I usually go through a spurt where I'll see 20+ movies from a year in a matter of weeks, but that never kicked in for 2010. Hoping it doesn't become to great a trend.

@Stevee Team Uni > All other Teams EVAR!

Simon said...

One day, when I become a hotshot film producer a la Megan Ellison (or whoever the Rich Chick Who Saved Anderson is), I'm going to be surfing the internet on my Holo-Cube (because I'll be so brilliant at that point I'll create a holographic screen out of my old GameCube), I'll happen upon this site, and I'll smile fondly at what charming times those were.

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