Monday, May 23, 2011

The Monday Corner 5/23/2011

Some days I just impress myself. Today is not one of those days.

New Movies Watched This Past Week:

Love in the Afternoon - The combined age of Audrey Hepburn's lovers in all these romance films she did has to be astronomical. Still, she's so amazing she can create chemistry with absolutely anyone.

His Kind of Woman - And just about everyone else's. Yet, you don't watch this movie for Jane Russell. Not even the supreme being that is Robert Mitchum. No, this is entirely a Vincent Price extravaganza!

The Man From Earth - Even if it molds the answers to fit its questions, this is still a creative and captivating little indie film.

Exercise in Shameless Self Promotion:
Well, you might have heard that a little thing called the LAMMYs have released their nominations this past weekend! And in continuing form, we here at Life in Equinox garnered up five nominations! They are: Most Likely to Join a Columbia Drug Cartel (Most Prolific), Best Use of the Word 'Yo' Without Following it with 'Dude' (Brainiac Award), Best Maintenance on an Invisible Mustache (Best Blog Design), Greatest Exercise Routine Beginning with Juggling (Funniest Writer), and - of course - Long Distance Chihuahua Punting Champion (Best Blog)!

Be sure you cast your votes for me early and often. Just like last year, I will be voting, but will not be voting for myself. Because that's what the cool kids do.... or so I've been told. In all honesty, I'm beginning to doubt this 'How to be Cool for Dummies' book. It keeps telling me to buy corduroys and cardigans.

For your Consideration:
Welcome to the Missing Link with your host Pat Sajak!

The Incredible Suit digs deep into the Marvel archives and reveals five upcoming cinematic spin-offs of the Marvel comics! If at least three of these don't happen, the world is worse for it.

The Film Connoisseur dusts off the ol' printing press to deliver an amazing gallery of conceptual art for films that never got made.

Dark of the Matinee is looking for only the 'bear necessities' in this latest post, as he asks his readers to deliver the 10 DVDs they feel are 100% essential to any movie collection.

If you want intellectual stimulation, The Silver Screening Room has it as they take plunge off the deep in, and come out in the year of '74 with this full on analysis of the year's Oscar offerings.

It's birthday time over at Encore's World of Film & TV, and in honor of it he's taking some time out to delve back through nostalgia city and relive the love he feels for some of cinema's finest.

Poll Update:
Is there a clearly defined difference between booty and bounty? In Pirate-talk that is. I'd hate to show up at a convention and say the wrong one. Then again, awkward is my middle name.

Results: PotC 4 will be...
1. 8 votes: Good for fans of the series, but that's about it (and so it seems to be true)
2. 7 votes: Meh, probably bad but no big deal (but it will make big money)
3. (tie) 3 votes: Another blight on the weakening Rob Marshall lore (such is a shame) and A solid addition to the series (doesn't take much when you factor in 2 and 3)
4. 2 votes: An absolute joy for all (I take you're fans of the series who think everyone is?)

New Poll: Two monster sequels open this weekend in Hangover 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2. What I want to know, which film will be remembered best five years from now?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week
Ah, Field of Dreams. Seriously, why hasn't a president made James Earl Jones the official White House Press Secretary? It would be the single greatest thing in the history of anything, ever. Yes, even better than the invention of Go-Gurt!

That's all folks, enjoy your Monday! Uni bless ;)

9 better thoughts:

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

You forgot to put link to Mad's post :)

edgarchaput said...

congratulations on the LAMMY nominations.

I saw 'His Kind of Woman!' a few months back and was amazed at how funny it was, especially for a film noir. The climax on the boat is some of the most hysterical scenes I've watched in some time.

The Mad Hatter said...

Many thanks for the linkage, and congrats on all the Lammy nominations good sir!

Castor said...

Congrats on the 5 Lammy Noms sir! Moving up the ladder ;)

Univarn said...

@Lesya Thanks! Fixed.

@Edgar The climax is hilarious but felt almost like a different film entirely from the setup.

@Mad Thanks!

@Castor Thank you sir, and same back to you!

ruth said...

Congrats on the LAMMY nominations, Uni!

Alex said...

Congratulations on your nominations! You are awesome, but I assume you already knew that.

Also cardigans are completely cool. I wear them all the time. That must be a good book.

Simon said...

Five. Well, look at you. All big-shot-y and junk. La-di-fucking-da.

(I only voted for you because I couldn't think of anyone else, so there)


Univarn said...

@Ruth Thanks!

@Alex Somehow, I'm not sure you wearing cardigans and me wearing cardigans equates to the same level of coolness. However, I am of course aware of my supreme awesomeness :P

@Simon I would say that hurts, but I would be lying. Getting nominated because people can't think of anybody else is known as the 'Uni Special.' In fact, the subliminal messaging stamped throughout every blog post I do is targeted at that very component. Making sure you forget every blog but mine when it counts most. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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