Thursday, May 26, 2011

Every Man Has His Price: The Best of the Corrupt

Well, what can you say? We love ourselves a good corruption tale. And oh boy, has Hollywood ever delivered on a subject matter in finer form? We've got 'em all - politicians, wardens, coppas, oh my! They're drug users, drug runners, flat out killers, and sly work dealers. They know what buttons to push, how hard to push them, and the ideal setup man to take all the blame. On the outside we snark and snide their cynical, self-absolute ways, but on the inside we derive a malevolent pleasure from knowing they exist. Some we redeem, but most we lose. Manipulation is the game, crooked paves the direction, exploitation breeds the lifestyle, and easy street is the dream. So, here they are. Some of my most beloved nefarious souls of high moral office.

What? OK, the last one may just be me having a bit of fun with the spirit of the list - but it most indisputably counts! So, let me have it. What are some of your favorite corrupt figures of Hollywood cinema?

Public Service Announcement:
My name's Harry Lime and I approve this message.

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Fitz said...

Gary Oldman in The Contender. He may not be corrupt in the sense that he financially benefits from it, but morally he is complete shit.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood would be up there for me as well as J.J. Hunsecker from The Sweet Smell of Success.

Simon said...

Um...does Bridesmaids count? Because the cop, he totally used the whole cop thing to impress Kristen Wiig. Also, I can't think of anything else, because I've been watching outtakes for the past ten minutes.

simoncolumb said...

Great list - especially love the pics from ALL THE LINGS MEN and LEON! oldman is a complete bad ass

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